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Welcome to Pagan by Design
By design, we're all inherently pagan.  We're all born with deep connections - to nature, the elements, the universe, to one another - to all things on Earth.  This unity we share cannot be severed "at will", nor by following any particular religion, or lacking spirituality altogether.  There is a desperate need to once again honor our connections, follow the rhythms of nature, and treat Mother Earth with respect and great care. 

For the purposes of this Blog, the term "Pagan" encompasses any earth-based path, with or without the inclusion of deity or religion, having a deep reverence for nature; observance and celebration of the natural cycles of life, death, rebirth, and natural law; and a strong desire to live in balance and harmony.  The term "Pagan" may as well be synonymous with the definition of the word "human, since we are pagan first and foremost - no matter if we become Atheist or Christian later, by choice.  Being Pagan, however, does not automatically make one an Atheist, Heathen, Wiccan, or Witch.

There certainly ARE occult, magical and natural mysteries we don't fully comprehend, and this blog is intended to go a bit deeper than taking for granted most of the information regurgitated repeatedly (online or off).  This is especially true of things one might consider to be "fluffy, trippy nonsense", or spells, gathered from who-knows-where, and copy/pasted all over the Internet.

My name is Polly Taskey, and I like to analyze how and why things work, where ideas originated, and seek to truly understand the process before I can believe that "finding a Turkey feather will help in clearing the bowels".  (Yes, it's out there on the web.)    If you can relate with any of what I've just said, then you're in the right place!

Here is an outline of some things you'll find in the Categories (Category Menu is on sidebar of every page) to help you navigate:

  •  Articles News and Reviews ~ Current events, book and product reviews, blog updates, causes and awareness for joining in helping others, Pagan articles and news from around the web.
  •  Contests and Giveaways ~ Includes participation events such as reading or pagan blogging challenges, blog hops, awards received, paying it forward activities. *If you are sponsoring a contest or giveaway, please let me know so I can share details with other readers!
  •  Crafts and Activities ~ Any craft or DIY projects such as creative art blogging or video challenges, ideas for activities for pagan children and parents, improving our home communities, and more.
  •  Crystals Herbs and Energies ~ Magical and mundane guide to crystals, herbs, animals, spirit guides, deities, energy fields, elements, energy fields, etc.  Working with Chakras, Crystal and Herbal healing, more.
  •  Divination and Meditation ~ Working with divination tools such as Tarot, Runes, Scrying, Astrology, Numerology, interpreting visions or dreams; Meditation methods such as Qigong or Guided, and tools such as rhythmic sound.
  •  Events and Celebrations ~ The holidays and observances of Paganism and Witchcraft.  Find rituals and ideas for celebrating the Wheel of the Year, including the Esbats and Sabbats.
  •  Green Living for Pagans ~ Awareness and ideas for promoting a healthier body, lifestyle, home and planet.  For example, the "Earth Day, Every Day Campaigns" can be found here.
  •  Guest Contributors ~ Selected submissions from some of our readers who have contributed to the topics and theme of this blog.  
  •  History and Origins ~ The origins impacting Paganism and Witchcraft, including those being newly discovered, or uncovered.  A place to celebrate the founders of our paths, their ways and wisdom.
  •  Mysterious Realms ~ Exploring the occult or hidden; the Paranormal, how Psychic gifts and Magic work, mysterious places, the power of the mind, conspiracy theories, aliens, much more.
  •  Pagan Parenting ~ Methods and ideas for introducing our children into our paths without coercion or "indoctrinating"; earth-based activities, teaching resources, and handling the "skeptics" looking on.
  •  Pagan Tools and Supplies ~ The tools of the trade.  From books to wands, and crystals to spirit boards, learn about our tools, how to use them, and where to get (or even how to make) them. 
  •  Recipes for Pagans ~ Oils, incense, brews, potions...recipes here include pretty much anything from those used in ritual, massage therapy, spells, Sabbats, smudging, smoking, to a hearty family meal.
  •  Spells and Magic ~ Essentially, the "Book of Shadows" containing chants, cleansing rituals, consecration of tools, the elements of Magic, alphabets, correspondence tables, Charges of the Gods, and so on.
  •  Stories Poems and Music ~ Pagan-based stories, poems and music including verses for blessing a meal, gratitude prayers, original short stories, introductions to Pagan writers, interactive fiction contests you can join, etc.
  •  Training and Practice ~ A new category I'm really excited about!  The "practice" portion includes a way for YOU to interact and practice things like remote viewing and intuition!  Training includes "how to" guides presented here, and also free or paid training available elsewhere.
  •  Witch's Journal ~ Thoughts, events, and ideas as I progress along my own path, learn new things and contemplate the mysteries of science, magic and more.  Also, a catch-all for uncategorized things.
  •  Wonderful Web Witches ~ Nominate your own or a favorite pagan site, service, store, etc, for a bit of free promotion and recognition!  Also for pagan artists, writers, etc, and those without a website.

About Me:
I'm a writer and grandmother living in the northern United States.  My inspiration comes from my Native American roots and Bradbury (Mary Perkins) lineage, and I genuinely enjoy helping others.  Some of my interests include the occult, religions, the paranormal, natural healing and herbal remedies.  I consider learning to be an ongoing process and exploration, and that we should "practice" the things we learn rather than being only a "perpetual student". 

Other interests include enjoying time with my grandchildren, homesteading, prepping, reading, gardening, writing, divination, crafting, DIY projects, photography, graphic design, work at home options, meditation, folk remedies, alternative healing, and much more.  

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Words from the Author ~ My Journey to Peace:
"Since early childhood, I felt a deep connection with nature, the elements, earth, and moon. I recall having vivid and colorful dreams as a baby, enjoying a magical innocence as a young child, a strong desire to walk alone in the woods as an adolescent - feeling the energy from all things around me, and having premonitions in the form of dreams (or visions while awake) in my early teens (until the present).
I desperately sought that deep and harmonious peace that others seemed to feel from attending church and reading the Bible. Over the years, I put my heart and soul into trying to "get it", to really "feel it", by attending Baptist, Catholic, Pentecostal, Evangelical, and even Jehovah Witness gatherings.
Nothing fit. Even though I loved some of the Psalms and Parables I had read, I could not force myself to believe stories and ideas that didn't make sense to me...that felt more like "self-brainwashing" than reality. I wrangled with trying to understand my premonitions, and wished I could turn them on or off at will.
It seemed that I simply wasn't worthy of anything "good", and that God was too ashamed of me to let me have that special bond with Him. I became Atheist for several years and suddenly felt a strong urge - almost an obsession - to study Indian Herbals.  In addition, the premonitions were now so frequent and accurate that I HAD to find their meaning - their source.
I began by studying the origins of several religions, and when I looked further to discovering Paganism and Witchcraft, everything melted in place! My heart, soul...every fiber of my being KNEW this was right.  I had finally found that "thing" everyone else seemed to have in the monotheist world I'd known.
Of course I have much to learn, and do not claim to be an expert by any means. But my path is solid and unwavering and I am at peace. I have never felt threatened by argument against Paganism or Witchcraft, nor do I worry that scientific studies and advancements will shatter my belief system to pieces - as I felt with all the monotheist paths I tried to fit into.  As with all things, I approach Paganism and Witchcraft with a healthy dose of skepticism and innate analytical approaches to the "information" so readily found and quickly repeated all over the Internet and in many publications.
I love to help others and work hard to do a good job with everything I attempt. My hope is that you will gain a greater understanding of what Paganism and Witchcraft is (and ISN'T) by sharing in this blog.
Many Blessings!"
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