February 21, 2016

Silent Sunday ~ February 21, 2016

If you're not yet familiar with how Silent Sunday works, please refer to the Introductory Post linked in the name or graphic above.  Here is a new Psychic Skills Advancement project for the week.  You may want to begin a journal for recording your progress and notes.  Maybe you'll discover that you receive more accurate messages during certain Moon phases, or times of the day, for example.  You could add these findings into your notes.

Instructions:  Take an ordinary deck of playing cards without the Jokers, shuffle the deck, and remove thirteen cards at random without looking at the faces of them.  Set the rest of the deck aside for now.  Lay the 13 cards face-down on a table, one next to or above one another.  Concentrate on the entire group at first.  Use your perception to determine if there are more red cards than black cards, or vice versa.  See how much information you can gather before turning any of them over.  Move on to gazing at each card individually, asking:

"Is this card red or black"?  Jot down your answer, then proceed with, "Is this a face card?", "What suit is this card (hearts, spades, diamonds or clubs)?", then move on to "What number is this card?".  Once you have written down your answers for all 13 cards, turn them over and compare them with your findings.  If you're struggling, stick with the trying to determine only the color and suit for a while.  Then move on to the more detailed questions when you feel ready.  Conversely, if this is too easy, ask a friend to THINK of one card and try to determine, psychically, what that card is.

I used to do this when I was quite young (yes, my childhood was often lonely, lol), and I found that the more I practiced, the better I got in a relatively short amount of time.  Feel free to share your experience in the comments or on the Facebook page.  If you're enjoying our "Silent Sundays" (silent, not because I'm not rattling on, lol, but because they're dedicated to you focusing on your own), then please share and encourage your friends to join in.

Answer to February 14, 2016 Silent Sunday posting:  STOP reading now and click the linked date if you want to play along before the answer is revealed below.

You were viewing images from old the Fox Tower Cemetery in Vanderbilt, Michigan.  Many of the headstones that are still visible are from the 1800's, and MOST of them are babies or very young children who seemed to have died within close date proximity of one another.  The cemetery is located in a very remote area with almost nothing around, but there IS a power generating station and radio(?) towers close by.  This may account for the paranormal activity here.  It is believed that in places where electromagnetic fields are strong, there are more incidences of unexplained experiences.

Many locals, and even some of my own relatives, have witnessed things ranging from their vehicles stalling out, refusing to start, or even bouncing while parked at the cemetery...as if they were driving over speed bumps unevenly.  The air grows cold almost instantly, there has been an odor of Patchouli in the air, and visitors often hear a chorus of whimpering and crying - as if dozens of babies are crying while their mothers are also wailing in anguish.  A car-full of visitors will seem to be suddenly "disconnected" from one another, all experiencing something unique and unable to communicate with one another.  One of them might hear a stern voice directing them to "Get out of here!" while others are hearing a baby cry, or footsteps outside of the car while the windows are down.  Oddly enough, their "senses" seem to return all at the same time, just the way they were simultaneously "separated" before, and they'll turn to one another saying - in unison - "we have to leave here NOW!".

You may have noticed in the first photograph there is a red "turn-style" to go through in order to enter the part where the fenced off graves are.  What an odd thing to use for a "gate", don't you think?  It reminds me of the turn-styles in some stores, but much older.  One of the workers who used to go and cut the grass there is a friend of my relative.  As he was mowing on the riding mower one day, the ground gave way and he and his tractor sank into a grave!  Many of the old grave markers are long gone.  He was so shaken that he refused to ever return!

I have visited twice and didn't experience anything unusual except for the cold air drafts and smell of Patchouli, along with what I "thought" were the sound of footsteps (not mine) as I walked around.  It was slightly breezy, so it may have just been autumn leaves rustling about.  Even though I was in awe of the history of the place, and sometimes felt "watched", I was unable to catch anything on voice recorder or in the photos I took (that I could see anyway).  I plan to visit there again.
Inspired by her Native American roots and Bradbury lineage, Polly Taskey is a writer and grandmother in the northern USA.  She shares her wisdom and pagan interests through Pagan by Design and The Moonlit Grove.


Polly Taskey said...

For Stacy, You had mentioned getting a feel for farming and horses. Michigan, (with Vanderbilt being no exception) has a big history in logging in order to clear land for farming, to make building materials, paper products and so on beginning in the 1800s. As you can see from this link and the old photos, horses were used extensively in this process. http://mff.dsisd.net/TreeBasics/History/LogEra.htm

Magic Love Crow said...

Hey Polly! First, I have to say, great idea with practising with the cards, thank you!
That is so sad about the cemetery with the babies and young children!
I think it's cool that I picked up about the farming. Thank you! This is so interesting!
Big Hugs!

Polly Taskey said...

Hi Stacy! Thank you for stopping by regularly. It means a great deal to me! Yes the large number of babies in that cemetery may be linked to some sort of plague or difficult illness. It was not uncommon for an illness or difficult winter to wipe out many people in a community back then. Just want to give you a heads up too - my computer isn't working so if I don't respond to your comments right away, that is the reason. ��

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