January 15, 2016

Do Demons Exist?

The devastation I've personally encountered over the past several decades of my life have me questioning the possible origin and existence of demons.  My readers may recall that during the first thirty years or so of my life, I had sought - with every fiber of my being, that "connection" others seemed to "get" from following Christianity or a similar Monotheist path, but I never "got it".  It had felt more like a form of "self-brainwashing" and denying my own evolution and intelligence.  A few dear friends, worrying over my current situation, have shared some astounding personal experiences with me in their efforts to help me "find God" in the most polite way they know how.  It is at this point that I wonder why, when others are in turmoil, the first thing people will offer up comes in the form of prayers while advising the "victim" to alter her religious path to match their own.

The very private and truthful experiences my friends have shared include run-ins with foul-smelling and evil forces that had originally appeared to them in the form of someone handsome and desirable, but who had later revealed their true "sickening and ugly, evil sides" when my friends continued to seek Jesus or God - refusing to remain in the realm of what these friends NOW refer to as "The Occult".

While I do not doubt the stories my friends have shared with me, and I know they turned FROM The Craft TO Christianity (opposite of my own experience), I am left confused and pondering things I have learned and studied to this point.  In all honesty, I can say that WHILE I sought Jesus or God, I experienced horrific things in my life...similar to what is happening now as I follow my current Pagan/Witch spirituality.  Since that is the case, is it really logical to blame every hurtful situation on some type of good or evil or some form of deity?  At this point, I think not.

My years of self-study into the origins of religion led me to the solid conclusion that the idea of Hell and Satan were concocted in order to coerce and scare people into conforming to the "promise of goodness and happiness" (for political reasons and to force society into the submission of their leaders) with a "Son of God" whose life and works is nearly identical to the myths and lore of Horus, of ancient Mithraism and phonetically resembles the original Pagan "Sun God".  As a Pagan/Witch, I believe evil and good exists, but I have no belief in the existence of Hell or Satan.  I believe there is good and evil in everything, and that Witches (or perhaps anyone?) can appeal to the dark side of any element or being in order to send out "dark vibrations/magic".  The same gentle spring breeze that warms our faces in brilliant rays of sunshine can turn to gale force winds with twisting tornadoes ripping up the earth...just as the mild, morally-correct man who would never think of harming another being can turn into a raging killer the moment someone defiled or killed his child.

The Judeo-Christian bibles speak of demonic forces or fallen angels that had been "formed by" God(?).  This leads me to another question...WHY would a God who is supposed to be omnipotent - the greatest being of all - even NEED to "form" others, angels, humans, or animals?  Was he bored?  If he had created these things...and was perfect to begin with then WHY would he "screw up" and make "bad guys", or be so disappointed with his own creations (in the Old Testament) that he would seek to destroy them?  And, assuming that the God of the Bible is truly existent, HOW can we know whether HE is the good guy OR the one working so hard to "trick us" into following him?   Would I want to appeal to a potential "savior" who eagerly responded to me only when I had been beaten to the lowest point - seeking his guidance out of sheer desperation rather than admiration?   No.

While I respect all life and celebrate all moral paths of faith people find comfort in, it has been my deduction that humans, beginning with the most primitive of our kind, invented religions and deities to feel a sense of security and purpose within this world.   I sometimes dabble with the question of whether the emergence of "gods" came from early encounters with much more intelligent beings that did not originate on this planet.  This really isn't so far-fetched considering that modern scientists are also looking into these possibilities as is depicted in some of the National Geographic documentaries.

At any rate, the questions I've posed so far do not adequately address the possibility of demons among us, or influencing us.   I'm an enthusiast of TV shows like Paranormal State, Ghost Hunters and the like.   I do not doubt that people experience things that are unpleasant and I won't try to discount the fears folks have had with things we refer to as poltergeists, demonic possessions, and other unexplained paranormal experiences.   I do wonder, however, if these things can be attributed to forces we have yet to understand, prove scientifically, or even wrap our minds around.   Perhaps the demonic visions and encounters are a product of our individual or combined psyche, akin to the barely understood - but very REAL - incidences of telekinesis, clairvoyance, or telepathy.

At this point, I have no desire to stray from the spiritual path which has brought me the most peaceful inner feeling and truthful sense of reality and belonging I have ever felt, but I do admit that I have questions and ideas which confuse me - in regard to why we are here, why we continue to try and make things better only to continue struggling year after year...are we, as humans, some sort of "science experiment" for some other form of life not of the world we know?   Do demons exist?  Or are we simply sharing in the collective consciousness and ripples and vibrations of negativity we pollute the world with and allow into our vocabularies?

Inspired by her Native American roots and Bradbury lineage, Polly Taskey is a writer and grandmother in the northern USA.  She shares her wisdom and pagan interests through Pagan by Design and The Moonlit Grove.


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