November 8, 2014

November ~ Hunter's Moon

Photo by Author, Polly Taskey, Pagan by Design
The full Moon of November may be called by other "names", such as the Snow Moon.  I refer to November's Moon as the "Hunter's Moon" because this is the time of year when my ancestors slaughtered livestock and took to the woods hunting game animals which would see them through the long, cold, and lean winters.  Due to the colder weather, there was less danger of meat rotting before it could be used in the coming winter months, and less chance of starvation when the herds (wild or tame) were thinned.  Candles were also made from the rendered animal fat (tallow), and hides were carefully prepared for later uses.  Previously considered the ninth month in the old Roman calendar.  Saxons called November "Blot-monat" or "blood month".  Many Native Americans consider November to be the "Moon of Madness", based, probably on the fact that erratic behavior can be witnessed all around.  The bucks are in rut and will sometimes attack rather than flee humans, while humans and other species are hurriedly scrambling to prepare for a long winter of isolation and struggle.

Ritual Verses for the Full Moon of November  
by Polly Taskey 

If you like these verses, you may incorporate them into the 9 Basic Ritual Steps when conducting Full Moon Rituals. You may also want to include a Charge of the Goddess.

"Goddess of this November night, I honor You in my Full Moon Rite
as I stand between the worlds to share, communion with The Lady Fair.
From around the globe Your children call, miles apart yet One with All.
Hear my words in the echoing sound, as I welcome You in my circle round.

I call to You North with Your grounding ways, lend earthly strength to my pagan ways;
I call to You East with Your airy breath, transform the stale to new and fresh;
I call to You South with Your energy, may your fiery rays burn steadily;
I call to You West with Your fluid motion, guide psychic abilities and emotions.

From sky and forest, stream and field, the Earth's put forth a wondrous yield,
and as the days grow short and cold, my larder's packed for winter's hold.
As I hunker down to rest for now, preserving seeds and storing plow,
I give my thanks and gratitude - these, Your gifts, will see us through.

(Magical Workings, Requests, Thanks, Cakes and Ale)

Inspired by her Native American roots and Bradbury lineage, Polly Taskey is a writer and grandmother in the northern USA.  She shares her wisdom and pagan interests through Pagan by Design and The Moonlit Grove.


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