August 1, 2013

Lammas ~ Spirits of the Land Dance

Guest Contribution by BlackTail Sphinx

of The Witches Collective

To give honor and thanks to the spirits of the land that nourish us

Photo © Polly Taskey, 2013
-slices of bread
-almonds or other nut (already shelled)
-honey or milk
-drum or rattle

Clear and cleanse yourself with either water or incense. Dress comfortably, and, if you can, perform ritual outside. Set up your plate with your foods. Leave the honey or milk off the plate in its container. Bring your drum or rattle, and stand.


Spirits of the Land Dance

There are many sacred places in life, whether they are moments in time or memories in our hearts. Nature is its own temple. Today we honor the spirits of the land in which we dwell and are nourished. We celebrate their contributions to the life of this world.
Stand in your ritual space and hold your instrument. Lift your arms out and take in a deep, centering breath. This is your temple and the meeting place between man and spirit. Visualize the energy around you as bright color. The wind itself is a collection of color. The light coming down on your is its own color. And all of this energy is absorbed into the earth to create and sustain its many life forms. This is a vital part of life on the planet. Hold the visualization and say, "Blessed spirits of the land. Let me honor you in dance, drum, and energy. For this day is made sacred by you and for you."

With your instrument, begin making your own beat. If you feel comfortable, dance or sing. Let yourself take joy in the land and its rhythm find its way into you. This is the energetic offering to the land in which you live. When you feel ready to stop, continue. Place your instrument aside. Take up the bread and hold it up. Say, "As we are given by the land so too must we give."

Crumble the bread up and let the crumbs fall to the earth. If you are inside crumble it up on the plate or in a bowl. Remember the many foods that are given to us from the land. Next hold up the nuts. "As we take the meat of the land, so too must it take from us."

Toss the nuts to the earth or if inside back onto the plate. Remember that the land sustains our bodies and at the end of our time our bodies sustain the land. Next hold up the milk or honey. "As the creatures take from the land, we create from them and share this creation with the land."

Pour the honey or milk onto the earth or, if inside, keep it in its container. Remember the many animals that we raise and use for our nourishment which also return to the earth. Relax and take a deep breath. Let yourself be still and listen to the sounds around you. Connect to the earth and grouond yourself in it. When you are ready continue. Say, "I give thanks, I give thanks, I give thanks."

Let your offerings stay with the earth and pack up. If you are inside, take your offerings outside and either bury them in the earth or dump them in nature. Clean up and rest, giving thanks to the land.
Guest contribution by BlackTail Sphinx of The Witches Collective offering Readings, Free Witch School program, Spell Writing Services, Forum and much more.


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