April 2, 2013

The Fairies are Back!

For several weeks (okay, months) now, I've been struggling with trying to figure out exactly how to put all of my "Pagan home-schooling ideas" (swarming around in my head and written on scattered notes through the house) into wise and meaningful "Lessons" - not only for my own grand-children but for my readers and their families, too.  There are dozens of things I want to share, through my (sadly-neglected) Pagan Homeschooling Blog, The Moonlit Grove, to help others who are finding a drastic shortage of useful Pagan-based material for teaching their children.

And then...

I received an email from John Gallagher (of Learning Herbs) and realized I've been approaching this all wrong - trying to make this much more difficult than it really is!  While I've been tackling this project as if I'll have to write entire textbooks similar to those by Macmillan/McGraw-Hill, along comes John and Kimberly with ... Fairies!  Yep, simple, sweet little fairies to help us teach our children about one of my own great passions - herbs!  So, while I'm "re-focusing" my efforts to get my own material organized and published, I will be sharing some awesome things (limited time available) with you that you can use, with your own children, right now.

Introducing ... Herb Fairies! (I really got a kick out of the "Fairy Film Festival" video spot-lighting some of the kids and their families who participated in Herb Fairies last year.)

Here is a FREE Activity Pack for you and your kids to start with right away (as shown in the image below).  To view the "Fairy Film Festival" and learn more about Herb Fairies, just click here

Inspired by her Native American roots and Bradbury lineage, Polly Taskey is a writer and grandmother in the northern USA.  She shares her wisdom and pagan interests through Pagan by Design and The Moonlit Grove.


salemwitchchild said...

I like your ideas. I also started to write worksheets for Pagan parents, but with being a busy homeschooling mom myself I didn't have the time to properly devote to it. Here's the site I started. http://paganhomeschooling.webs.com/

Polly said...

Oh I really like it! What a cute background and theme! I'll be glad to swap links with you and help promote once we each get going a little bit - if you like :)

salemwitchchild said...

Perhaps we could work together on a website and material? Either website, or a new one would work. But two heads are always better than one! lol You can email me if you like. salemwitchchild@gmail.com

Polly said...

Great idea, and I agree with your logic! I'll email you :)

Polly said...

SalemWitch, I totally agree with you. What better way to present "useful" and original content than through collaboration? People tend to "trust" that which is presented in collaborative efforts. Honestly, I hope to gain a bit of "income" through this venture so I will put that out there immediately. Living on fixed income through disability is a challenge. I'm not new to "affiliate linking/marketing" and I am a very honest person with some great ideas - though I admit I lack "focus" due to my autoimmune disorders. You and I share similar lineage, not to mention "ideas"!! That is a selling point in itself! I think now of the "Two Witches Bog". If we can respect and promote the ideas of one another then that will be a "win win situation" for both "us" and for readers too. I am willing to "promote you" and your ideas in respectful swapping/promotion. In short, my main "goal" is to help others who are struggling with being Pagan homeschool parents...aside from that, IF I can earn a little to help me to keep going, then I won't object to that either.

I am not "hooked" on The Moonlit Grove even though I have put some SEO out there to attract followers. I am open to suggestions. Either way, the keywords should be similar to "pagan home school", at least this is my take after comparing what people are "searching for" and what is "out there" already.

Some of the things I had wanted (still want) to suggest are as follows: Not just the typical "coloring pages"...I want to introduce actual lessons in self-sufficiency and pagan stories/training mixed with a bit of science and reality, mix in a bit of short instructions plus tests - similar to what Magicka School does...but it all has to be "factual"...not the newbie "fairy-fluff" or the "I'm now a self proclaimed Witch and will f up your world if you mess with me" sort of thing I've seen online...too much.

I can elaborate on this much more, but I'm interested to hear your ideas as well. :)

I look forward to hearing from you :)

Vickie McNeely-Lesperance said...

Hello Lovely Lady! I have bestowed upon you a new and exciting award. Please drop by Aoibheal's Lair to check it out.


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