February 1, 2013

Imbolc ~ Blessing of Brigid

Guest Contribution by
The Witches Collective

Connecting with the goddess as maiden and seeking her blessing


4 candles (red and white)
greenery or foliage
bowl of water (1/2 to 3/5 full)
fire proof bowl
red marker or pen
white strip of paper
food or drink offerings (cut into small pieces)


Cleanse yourself and your space as you ready for ritual. Set up your altar in budding decor, foliage (safely space around candles), reds, whites, golds, green, or any other decoration you may have. Place the for candles in a square shape on your altar. Twine the foliage in a large circle around them. Alternatively, you can scatter or bunch leaves around the candles at a safe distance. Set the fire proof bowl to the right of the foliage and set the bowl of water to the left of the foliage. set your paper and pen close by, within easy reach. The food or drink offering should be to the side but on yet on the altar. If you have any pictures of statues of Brigid, add them onto your altar behind your candles and outside your foliage.

Blessings of Brigid 

Before approaching your altar stand at the threshold of your space. Close your eyes and imagine this space glowing the white-gold of the sun. It seems to transform into its own temple and in the middle of this temple setting is your altar. Hold the image and open your eyes. Approach your altar. Take a deep breath. Today is a celebration of renewing and building life. It is a celebration of budding life that will peak on the Spring Equinox. This gathering and growing is exemplified in the birthing animals, tree buds, and fresh fruits of the year that are just beginning to appear. It is also a time when water and fire sit in balance. Brigid is the goddess of many things including fire, ice, poetry, wells, healing, black-smithing, knowledge, and more. It is from her name that we have the word 'bride.' In this day, her festival, we can call on Brigid for insight and blessing on our coming year.

Take up your lighter and close your eyes. Image the fields and lands around you before human influence came. It is wild and beautiful in its chaos. Visualize the goddess Brigid standing before all of the wild beauty. She is clothed in white and her light can clearly be seen all around hr. Just like the landscape around her, Brigid is beautiful and wild. Her energy contains the un-tamable qualities of fire yet also the mysterious potential of ice. Calm, but warm, her presence is welcoming. Keep the image of her in your mind as you continue. Open your eyes. Say,

"Brigid, Bride, Shining Woman, 
Praises are to you this day!" 

Light first candle, dwelling on the qualities of fire portrayed through Brigid.

"I kindle this flame of great passion, 
Which you bestow upon all those gathered." 

Light second candle, reflecting on the creative aspects of Brigid.

"I ignite this light of true inspiration, 
That springs forth from your heart to us." 

Light third candle, reflecting on the depths of knowledge given to us by Brigid.

"I hone this spark of deep understanding, 
Which flows from your every word." 

Light fourth candle, dwelling

"I catch this moment of true health, 
Through which you permeate all life." 

Set the lighter aside. Take in a deep breath and look upon the candles. Let the visualization of Brigid return to the fore front. Take up your pen and paper. On your paper write the goals you have for the coming months. Write your dreams, wishes, and most honest desires. When you are done, set your pen to the side. Hold up your paper and imagine it shining with the light of Brigid. Rip up the paper into small pieces and place it into the fire proof bowl. Next, bring up your food offerings. Take another breath and hold up your offering. Say,

"Great goddess, Bride, Brigid, 
In this time and place I ask, 
Bless my future, my present, my past, 
And allow me your counsel, 
When those times are held. 
With great gratitude and love, 
Take of these gifts."

Take the offering and rip it (if possible). Place the bits into the bowl of water. If there are drink offerings, pour them into the bowl. Only fill the bowl up, do not over fill or it may spill. Relax and set extra offer to the side. Pick up your lighter and continue. say,

"Great goddess, Bride, Brigid,
In this time and place I ask, 
Bless my future, my present, my past, 
Look upon my working in light, 
Guide them with your knowing, 
Lift them with your kindness, 
And look upon me in this way." 

Light the paper that is in your fire-proof bowl. As they burn, visualize your desires and hopes be given to Brigid's fire. Stand within her presence as the paper burns. Hold her image in your heart and feel free to say private prayers. When you are ready you can quench the fire in one or two ways. Pour the ashes of the paper into the bowl of water. Or, if the bowl is not overly full of messy, pour the water into the bowl of fire. Extinguish the candles as you see fit. You can bury them in four corners of your property for protection. When you are finish, thank Brigid on her blessing and release the energy. ______________________________________________________
Guest contribution by The Witches Collective offering Readings, Free Witch School program, Spell Writing Services, Forum and much more. 


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