July 27, 2012

Lammas Ritual ~ Honoring the Cycles

Guest Contribution by BlackTail Sphinx
of The Witches Collective

-Bowl of water
-Picture or statue of a crocodile
-Fruit from this season (an apple, strawberries, blueberries, your choice)

Preparation: Begin with taking a ritual bath or clearing your energy. You can choose to cleanse your space with salt and water. Set up your altar with the two candles, one in the east and the other in the west. Make sure to have them in fire proof containers. Place the bowl of water, half full, in the center. If you can use a dark colored or black bowl, that is best. If you have a plate under the bowl it could prevent spilling. Place the crocodile statue or picture in front of the bowl, laying flat if it is a picture. Have a small bowl containing your fruits to your right, but not on the altar yet.

Purpose: Giving thanks for the ripening of the year and the harvest.

The Flood of Sobek

Cast your circle and stand before your altar. Take in a few deep breathes with slow exhales. Reflect on all the happenings of this past year. Were they all beneficial? Or where some events harder to swallow than others? Whether it was good or bad, remember it. For our experiences shape who we are. Say,

"Today is Lammas! This is the day of harvest, or giving, or reaping, and of gratitude. I come to honor and give thanks for this bountiful year of lessons and experiences."

Close your eyes and visualize all of the events of the past year forming into a river that flows in cycle and time with your life. At certain points, where the emotions were too much to handle, the river floods and soaks the land around it. Leaving behind the energy of that time in your life. Sometimes it can be painful but from those nearly destructive events new growth comes. Take a deep breath and reflect on how your life is now. Find the most wonderful part of your life and give thanks. When you feel gratitude within your heart, and say,

"Within my heart was both sorrow and joy. For every act of destruction bears new fruit. I honor this cycle and rejoice in the new lessons I will learn."

Take a deep breath and exhale slowly. Visualize the river you have created and trace it back to its source. Beyond time or place or human life times. Imagine your river stretches back to the very beginning of time to meet with all other rivers in a great body of water. Surrounding the lake is lush reeds and grasses, but you cannot see beyond them. The lake is crystal clear and full of unknown potential. The water is deep blue in the center and you can tell that it is very deep. At the edges of the lake the water is thigh high and perfectly clean. Hold on to the visualization and say,

"I stand in the source of all harvests, I wash in the waters of the unconscious, and seek to give thanks to its keeper."

Take a few deep breathes and hold the visualization. In the lake, approaching you, is the largest crocodile you have ever seen. This is Sobek, keeper of the lake and place of creation. Reach your hands toward him respectfully. Feel his timeless energy brush over your hands. Imagine a white flower forming in your chest. It seems to glow but it is not in bloom. Relax and remember your year and the most positive part of it. See these good memories seep into the flower. With each good thought and grateful reflection the flower opens until it is in full bloom. Bring your hands to your chest and say,

"I have learned and grown and nurture this great gift. But to reap you must first sow and this too is a gift. I give of myself to honor and begin again the cycle of growth."

Pull your hands away from your chest and visualize the flower in your hands. It is fragrant and soft. Slowly lowers your hands to your sides. The flower drops gracefully into the water before Sobek. With gentleness, the great crocodile takes the flower into his mouth and turns towards the deep blue lake to disappear below the surface. Take a deep breath and open your eyes.

"Thanks to Sobek, who churns the waters of life and time to flood us all with potential. With joy in our hearts, give of ourselves so that we may reap anew!"

Take up the bowl of fruit and hold a hand over it. Say,

"Blessings are taken of the earth and so we give our part back. I give in honor of Sobek and of the Universe."

Take the fruit and place it into the bowl of water. If you have more fruit than space in your bowl you can save the rest of the fruit. Raise your hands above your head and say,

"On this day, Lammas, all the world is grateful! For with joy is sorrow and with healing is first harm. This is the great cycle we belong to and we must be thankful."

Take a minute to relax. Partake in the left over fruit if you have any and think about your experience. Leave the fruit on your altar for a few hours. You can dispose of it or sit it out for the animals after you are done. Place the crocodile beside your front door or behind a mirror, if it is a picture.
Guest contribution by BlackTail Sphinx of The Witches Collective offering Readings, Free Witch School program, Spell Writing Services, Forum and much more. If you're interested in undergoing training in witchcraft, be sure to check out The Mysteries of the Divine Apprenticeship Program ....it's FREE!


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