June 1, 2012

Welcoming June

Thankfully May, the month of "May"hem and Misery is now over! So many hurtful and crazy things happened last month ~ along with a few bright spots, I should add ~ and that's primarily why you haven't seen a new post from me in a while. My weeks were nothing short of a roller-coaster ride with days of sensing impending doom ("psychic sensitivity"? - maybe) toward the end of the month. That is why I didn't post the Wonderful Web Witches for May this past Wednesday...I didn't want the "negative vibes" leeching onto others. (Just FYI, the "bad vibes" haven't subsided - keep your heads up and loved ones safe).

First, the stray cat we've been feeding on the porch over the past several months had brought her kittens (one and a half - will explain later) over and placed them safely under a chair on the mostly-enclosed porch. I had figured opossums must have gotten into them because one of them had been recently killed and it wasn't apparent right away, but there was only the front half of the poor thing under the chair. We named the other one (um, the live one) "Lucky", and we were so happy that her Mother trusted us to take care of her kitten. Two days later...the kitten was gone. We were afraid something had gotten to her but thankfully her Mama brought her back on the porch this morning - after being missing for over a week! Yay! This time, we brought baby inside! She is old enough now (a week or so after the following picture) to be away from Mommy.

In other news, not only did my oldest son (25) verbally rip me to shreds early in the month ("Happy Mother's Day, Mom")...and then again a couple weeks later, but he suffered three devastating losses (later) which included two of his good friends in an awful auto accident. The boys were brothers and were so young - 26 and 30. Rest peacefully Andrew and Adam. May healing be with all who are missing you.

My youngest boy gave me a wonderful gift for Mother's Day, though. He built this spiral herb garden for me. I love it! (Don't think I'm playing favorites with my kids here, folks. This one, at age 15, can be a real butt-head at times, too!) Here it is before and after planting a couple things inside ~ there is already a toad living in there and guarding the plants:

Toward the end of the month, one of my nieces lost a very good friend to a terrible shooting in Saginaw, Michigan. May peace and healing be with you and all who mourn this loss.

In the news, just in the past week, mysterious mayhem abounds...from the naked man who was eating the face off of another man to the story of another man who stabbed himself and threw bits of his own skin and intestines at police. Is this "The End of Days"? Wow.

I thought things were going to turn around for about a minute... There was an intriguing spark for me a few days ago with the airing of "Mermaids: The Body Found", by Animal Planet. The interest was quickly extinguished, however, when I figured out that the supposed "seizure of Discovery Channel's website by the Department of Justice and Homeland Security" appeared to have been a degrading-to-our-intelligence publicity stunt made by the network. See the screenshot I took after searching the source-code for the image itself. If you want to see a REAL seizure notice, compare this to the one on Megaupload.com.

To round out the mysteriously "odd" month of May, my short-lived marriage has crashed and burned, HOWEVER, I am still (maybe foolishly) looking forward to better days for the month of June. Mending relationships with my son and others, spending my time more wisely, continuing the self-improvement workshops I am taking part in, and beginning the Tarot Diploma Course with author/instructor, Marcus Katz. Um, at least my homemade Tarot Journal/Case is coming along nicely...(she types with a whimper and a bit of a cringe, wondering, WHAT NEXT?!).

One last thing before I forget. I've deleted my entire Facebook account for a couple reasons that have nothing to do with any of my friends or followers there, so, if you can't "see me" or "Pagan by Design" there, don't fret, I have NOT blocked or un-friended you.

Edited to add: How could I possibly forget THIS? Rumors have it that there is supposed to a "shootout" right around the corner from my house tonight between a bunch of delinquent teens. And this, Ionia, Michigan, being the county with 6 major prisons and several police departments...sheesh. A group of 20 or so young people were walking up our one-way street just the other night carrying baseball bats and yelling of beating someone. This isn't "typical activity" for around here. I looked at my husband, motioned toward the crowd, and said, "So, this is what we have to look forward to in taking over America at some point". His response; "Yep, we're fucked!". I can't argue with him there.
Inspired by her Native American roots and Bradbury lineage, Polly Taskey is a writer and grandmother in the northern USA.  She shares her wisdom and pagan interests through Pagan by Design and The Moonlit Grove.


Timeless Rituals said...

What an incredible month you had! In Italy we usually say that "le cose arrivano sempre come le ciliegie: 3 alla volta" = things always happen in 3s like cherries....
I'm happy that your kitty is well.
A couple of weeks ago a bunch of teenagers put an alcohol device (molotov like) close to the cars of my boss at work. We are in the hands of criminal teenagers here in Italy, too...
I hope your June is going to be a better month, dear. Blessings!

Kallan Kennedy said...

So glad I can still keep in touch with you here, sweetie!

Polly said...

Missing my friends and hurting lots but hanging in there the best I can. :) Thank you Kallan and Timeless...

MagicLoveCrow said...

Polly, I missed you my friend! I am so sorry for everything that has happened for you in May! I am sending you many blessings! June is going to be a great month ;o) The mom cat and Lucky are adorable ;o) I am sorry for the other kitty ;o(  The love the garden! Big Hugs ;o) xoxoxox

MagicLoveCrow said...

I don't like that you are hurting! {{{{{{Polly}}}}}}}

Polly said...

You're all so sweet! It's nearly halfway through June as I type this response and not much has changed but your heartfelt thoughts are keeping me afloat! Thank you!

I'm confident all will work out just fine...and the kitten is getting used to humans (finally). Hoping the lottery ticket I had bought a couple weeks ago - OR the upcoming exam through Social Security Disability will at least bring enough for me to "live on" and support my youngest with some measure of ease. We'll see. I've already had to give away or leave everything I had accumulated since my divorce in 2001 - that was REALLY tough - so either fix me so I can WORK or help me out so I can survive with a bit of peace!!!

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