June 16, 2012

Litha Ritual ~ Fire Bringer

Guest Contribution by BlackTail Sphinx
of The Witches Collective

-Candle (red, orange, or yellow) with fire-proof holder
-lighter or matches
-sweet grass
-fire proof bowl
-drum or rattle

Preparation: Bath and cleanse yourself of negative energy. Bring your supplies into your space. Decorate your altar with flowers and summer foliage. Cleanse your space with sage or with salt. Set the fire proof bowl at the top of your altar, the candle closest to you. Place the plate to the right of the bowl and the drum or rattle to the left of the bowl.
Purpose: Honor the gifts of the earth and celebrate Coyote's gift of fire.

Fire Bringer

Cast your circle and stand before your altar. Take a deep breath and visualize the sun, whirling with its primal energy. Imagine a huge mountain just below the sun and at its top is a pillar of fire. Hold up your hands to the sun and say,

"Today is Summer Solstice. The day is longest and the reign of the Sun Father is at its peak. Long ago, man was blessed in the reign of the Sun Father but died within the long days of darkness. Then came Coyote."

Open your eyes and take up your drum or rattle. Stand up straight and begin a slow beat with the instrument. It should be soft and slow. As you drum/rattle, visualize a coyote standing before you. There is a constant look of knowing in its eyes and a lingering joke on its lips. Coyote is a subtle and cunning energy. Both folk hero and sometimes villain, he does what is best for him and sometimes helps others. See Coyote in your mind, a being that transcends and transforms. When you have the image in your mind, say,

"Coyote came! He heard of men's troubles and felt compassion. Coyote came and felt sorrow. So, Coyote went to seek out an answer to man's problems."

Speed up the drum/rattle beat and hold the vision of coyote in your mind. See him stand at the foot of the mountain from the previous visualization.

"Coyote knew where man might find his answer. Atop the mountain there where beings of fire. They guarded fire from man for fear man would grow strong. So Coyote planned to steal the fire and give it to man. And the People agreed."

Continue the drumming/rattling. Imagine coyote climbing to the top of the mountain and finding the Fire Beings. They are the essence of flame and they encircle their pillar of fire. See coyote as he waits, watching them.

"Coyote found the Fire Beings and for days he watched. For days Coyote waited. And in the dawn light, he snatched fire from the Beings and ran!"

Hold the image of Coyote in your mind and heart, running away with the fire. Put the rattle/drum aside and light the candle. Hold the candle and stand before the altar. Visualize Coyote running with his fire towards the village of me. Say,

"With the fire, Coyote ran. And the Beings chased him, but he was swift."

Walk around your altar once, returning to stand back in front of it. Visualize Squirrel, ready to receive the fire as Coyote tosses it to her. Say,

"And when the beings drew near, Coyote gave the flame to Squirrel. And she ran."

Walk around the altar once more and return to stand in front of it. Visualize Chipmunk before you. See Squirrel toss the fire to Chipmunk, who receives it. Say,

"And the Beings drew close to Squirrel. So Squirrel gave the fire to Chipmunk. And she ran."

See Chipmunk running with the fire. Before her comes Frog, ready to take his turn. Imagine Chipmunk giving the flame to frog. Say,

"And when the Beings drew close to Chipmunk, she gave the fire to Frog. And Frog ran."

Visualize Frog running and as the Fire Beings come closer he tosses it to Wood. In a great gulp, Wood swallows it. Say,

"And when the Beings drew close to Frog, he gave the fire to Wood. And Wood swallowed it. No matter how they tried, the Fire Beings could not claim fire from Wood. They left and returned to their mountain. Coyote returned and brought the knowledge with him of how to bring fire from Wood. And Man received the gift of Fire."

Make one more circle around the altar and place the candle on the altar. Hold the sweet grass in your hand and hold it up. Say,

"This day we honor Coyote, the Fire Bringer! This day we honor nature which gave us the gift of flame. We offer what we can for that gift. With humblest thanks."

Light the sweet grass and place it in the fire-proof bowl. Place the fruits on the plate beside the bowl. Take up the drum/rattle and let the beat come from you. Dance, feast, sing, chant, and honor the sacrifices that is made for all of Life.

When you are ready to finish your celebration extinguish the flame but learn the offerings. When you clean up the altar, give the fruit back to nature. 

Guest contribution by BlackTail Sphinx of The Witches Collective offering Readings, Free Witch School program, Spell Writing Services, Forum and much more. Get your FREE ISSUE of Lughnasadh/Litha 2012 Newsletter  from The Witches Collective!


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