June 12, 2012

Linking Brain Waves and Tarot Reading

I've recently begun a journey in Marcus Katz' "Tarosophy Tarot Town" studying within a Diploma Course utilizing the newly published book, "Around the Tarot in 78 Days" written by Marcus Katz and Tali Goodwin. The course, so far, has been absolutely amazing! I've learned more about reading Tarot in the first twelve days of class than I had learned in the past two years combined! You can read my initial review of the book on Amazon.

Early on I've noticed a bit of conflict within myself. I haven't "memorized" any of the 78 cards and their meanings, so I've gone basically on my intuition and the "feelings I get" from the cards, spreads and querents themselves. For the handful of readings I have done, they've been, surprisingly, quite accurate and enlightening. Although the course I'm taking is nothing like simply "memorizing" suits, meanings and so forth, it is very different from my prior haphazard methods. As I ponder the thought of "absorbing" each card fully - being able to recall "book studies and meanings" with very little (or no) effort, I think of how my mind will be freed to let the intuitiveness flow into my readings. At this point, I'm finding a little difficulty in convincing my "intuitive side" to "back off" so that I can fully learn and absorb the training...thus, the "conflict" I spoke of.

Scientific analysis has shown that when we create or compose something - such as writing this blog entry - the left hemisphere of the brain is being utilized. When we recite something from memory, without having to consciously "think" about it, we're using the right hemisphere of the brain. 

When we do recite something that has been ingrained into memory without having to "think" about it (such as singing the familiar songs from Yule), our mind is freed to do "other things" because both halves of our brain are working in "near-synchronicity". The words just "come forth". This [state of consciousness] leaves us "open" to experience and connect with psychic abilities, deep creativity, or even - balancing somewhere between the Alpha and Theta Brain Wave states - the universal mind (Collective Unconscious, so to speak). See Comparison of EEG Bands for more information.

Therefore, it is my solid belief that after I have fully integrated each of the Tarot cards and their potential meanings/variations into my memory, I will be able to pair my natural intuitiveness and precognitive skills with this deep knowledge to become a highly-effective reader of Tarot. The getting there part might prove to be the challenge - since, at this point, I'm wavering back and forth between shutting down my "senses" (to a point) and taking in the material being presented through the education. At this point, I am conflicted in finding the best way to "balance" the things I'm learning with the things I'm inclined to "feel".

What are your thoughts on the subject of reading the Tarot (or any other form of divination)? Do you focus more on intuitive "feelings", on the book-learning you've committed to memory, or do you use a little of both in a rather synchronous way? Do you agree that "the more we learn, the higher (or deeper) our capacity for psychic ability and awareness becomes"?
Inspired by her Native American roots and Bradbury lineage, Polly Taskey is a writer and grandmother in the northern USA.  She shares her wisdom and pagan interests through Pagan by Design and The Moonlit Grove.


Aine O'Brien said...

When I used to teach Tarot, I talked about each card individually and yes, did explain the "common" interpretations, but also the symbolism of each one.  When I finished teaching this about all 78 cards, and they had memorized them, I told them now to "forget them." - meaning, now with this knowledge under your belt it's time to allow your intuition to work as well.  I feel to become a good reader, you need to know the traditional meanings and symbolism and also be able to allow your intuition/psychic skills to be involved as well.  And of course, practice, practice, practice. 

So I think you have figured this out and I'm sure you are well on your way to being a very good reader!

Polly said...

Aine, Wow, I had no idea that you had taught the Tarot! I'm finding a little difficulty in the beginning days of the course - only because my "intuitive side" doesn't seem to want to "back off" so that I can fully absorb and "learn". Does that make any sense?

Thank you so much for your positive outlook for me. I envision greater things for myself by completing this course...and others. :)

Bright Blessings

MagicLoveCrow said...

Polly, it sounds like you are doing very well. Personally, I think it's a little of both ;o) It sounds like Aine, has said the same thing.  Hugs ;o)

MagicLoveCrow said...

Polly, I don't know why I said, "it sounds like" so much in my last comment? LOL! It sounds stupid to me! LOL!

Polly said...

 LOL, I hadn't even noticed until you pointed it out! How have you been?

MagicLoveCrow said...

I have been doing well my friend, thank you ;o)  I kind of injured my leg last week, but, nothing to complain about ;o) I just have to learn when to rest and not to keep going ;o) Hugs ;o)

Tonja Green said...

I used a combination of both, but depended more on what felt right to me. Not everyone receives their information/messages the same way & not everyone learns the same way. I also found some of the cards for me, consistently referred to or meant something that wasn't listed for them in the book of meanings. So, I think it's going to vary per individual.

Polly said...

Tonja, you're so right - even within classes I am taking, there are some variations in how people "interpret" the cards. Very interesting.

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