April 20, 2012

Heritage of a Witch

Exploring our ancestry can be confusing, tedious, and even frustrating; but it can also be one of the most intriguing, fulfilling journeys we'll make.  A person begins to feel less "alone" in the world, and more "rooted" or significant.  Within my own family, I am not the genealogy expert. That task is best left to a couple of my six siblings, who have been at it for years, and who have a much better grasp on figuring out these things than I do.

Now, if you've been reading my blog for a bit, you may have noticed I am descended from Mary Ellen Bradbury (Perkins) on my Maternal Grandmother's side.  (The photo below to the left is of my beautiful Grandmother).  Mary, herself, was found guilty during the Salem Witch Trials, in 1692, but narrowly escaped being hung.

This is my line leading back to Mary Perkins (thank you to the owner of  Children of Salem Facebook Group - another Author and Bradbury relative of mine descended from Mary, for finding me, and putting this together for me in a matter of minutes with the little bit of information I had!):

Marie Ellen Bradbury 1895-1986
William Andrew Bradbury 1862-1941
William M Bradbury 1839 - 1926
Levi Hunt Bradbury 1810 - 1888
Moses Bradbury 1781 - 1849
Benjamin Bradbury 2 Mar 1744 - Sep 1834 Biddeford, York, ME
Thomas Bradbury 1699-1775
Jacob Bradbury 1677-1718
William Bradbury 1649-1678 (Rebecca Wheelwright)
Captain Thomas Bradbury
Mary Perkins (accused)

While it's interesting to discover my ancestor's lives were intertwined with Witches and Witchcraft, through associations of their own and also of their offspring, it really doesn't do me much good.  I never "knew" many of these people.  Yes, I can boast that I'm the product of a long line of Traditional Family Witches, but none of it was passed along to me personally, except through visions and a strong, innate pull I can't describe.

Being able to point to a known Witch in my ancestry does NOT make me any more ________ (fill in the blank with whatever you wish...credible, valid, true, right...you name it), just as folks should NOT be considered any "less than ________" (again fill in the blank with your choice) when it isn't clear whether they had ancestors who shared spiritual paths similar to their own.    

Mina Marie Ellen (Bradbury) Kinnamon
Even though it's true that many of the women in generations close to mine (including me) seem to have a "sixth sense" about things, premonitions, precognitive skills, a bit of remote viewing and empathic abilities, that isn't even the "cool part".

What is really "cool" is finding that, centuries later, the ancestral paths seem to have crossed once(?) again! Has this happened more than once and we just don't know it? Do the same souls interact over and over again?

Every so often, I discover that one or more of the friends I have been speaking with, for months over the Internet, is descended either from the same lineage as me, or of the lineage of those within the circles of Mary's life, or both!

I discovered that another one of my online Witchy friends is a really, really, really distant cousin of mine! Do you suppose that perhaps, as some have suggested, we "meet up with" the same souls in each lifetime? If so, what is the purpose? Are we truly heading toward a sort of "Fifth Dimension - Dimensional Shift" or a Collective Intelligence as some have theorized?

I've personally had a difficult time grasping the idea of reincarnation. The more I learn, however, the closer I am to believing it is truly possible - and maybe even probable. Without trying to sound redundant, the advent of the Internet and instant communication has certainly assisted in "connecting" with others (MANY others) on much deeper levels.

Our heritage, if nothing else, can be a delicious mystery to be solved as we travel through history - discovering facts and tidbits that help to solidify the roots of our current "selves".  I'm able to feel a bit of selfish pride - as an author who is related to many famous writers; as a Witch who is related to famous alleged Witches; as part Native American who may be related to the Sioux (my sisters are currently investigating which tribe is in our blood - that possible connection recently surfaced); and even simply as a descendant of English, French and Dutch lineage. 
Inspired by her Native American roots and Bradbury lineage, Polly Taskey is a writer and grandmother in the northern USA.  She shares her wisdom and pagan interests through Pagan by Design and The Moonlit Grove.


Nadia Corrieri said...

I really enjoyed reading this! Heritage definitely is a part of us, whether some like to embrace it or not. :)

Polly said...

 I'm so pleased that you've enjoyed it and I agree with you. :)

Cauldron Keeper said...

Since my grandmother, who I wasn't close to, passed away a few weeks ago, I've been thinking about heritage a great deal.  Thanks, Polly!

Polly said...

 I'm sorry to hear of your recent loss. I'll bet you will find some wonderful things to cherish within your heritage! It can give a person a sense of belonging and solidity that is difficult to put into words. :) Blessings and hugs

Etain said...

Absolutely loved this article.....and yes Heritage is important.

MagicLoveCrow said...

Polly, fantastic post! I love this so much! Great getting to know you more and your family history! I feel we are all intertwined some how. And, personally, I feel we are reincarnated. Maybe we have to keep coming back, until we get it right.  The Burning Bed, wow!!! That is freaky!!! I have read the book and saw the t.v show with Farrah Fawcett. She did a great acting job on that show! Be well my friend ;o)

Polly said...

 I agree, there are only so many people that were around hundreds of years ago, but, whether we share bloodlines or not, it is my belief we're all united in many ways.

My Mom had said that she didn't believe the story of Francine being abused. Now, I don't know one way or the other, but my Mother apparently knew them and said that Micky was fairly disabled and it would have been quite difficult for him to physically do a lot of the stuff that supposedly happened. We were all a little surprised to see Farrah Fawcett take the part of Francine...she definitely was no Farrah, LOL, but Farrah did a good acting job.

Polly said...

Forgot to mention...I lived in that house til I was about 4 I guess. I have MANY vivid memories from even when I was in my crib, and recurring dreams of Witches (I still have those dreams sometimes).

I used to play in the attic with my siblings Johnny West horse/western sets (they are SO COOL) and can still smell the smell of the old wood up there when I think of it. Mom didn't want me playing in there, but I'd sneak in anyway.

Oh, and I still have a scar from falling off the back porch...I was always falling off that thing into the roses - the door was too close to the edge of the porch I think. 

MagicLoveCrow said...

very interesting!!!

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