April 15, 2012

Earth Day ~ Every Day: Week Seven

Earth Day ~ Every Day Week Seven:
Reducing Waste and Re-purposing Items
April 15-21, 2012

If there's one thing I truly love (besides writing), it's re-purposing old, ready-to-be-trashed items into something new and useful. I'm definitely not an interior designer, but I do have a knack for visualization and especially love to work with wood.

The dresser to the left is a great example of what I like to call "rustic". Some refer to it as "shabby chic". Either way, it gives a bit of old country charm and can be placed nearly anywhere with various decorations (ribbons, vases, flowers, photo frames, fabrics, artwork, etc) placed on or near it to match the intent of the area. By the way, this is not my own creation.

The other day, my husband saw a dishwasher set out at the curb in someone's trash. Now, this is a little embarrassing and we're not "trash pickers", but it looked almost new so he brought it home and tested it. Everything works. We just tore out a cupboard to install it, wired it up and got the water lines connected...voila! It's only 6 years old, all digital, black, quiet and cleans REALLY well! One less thing going to the dump and a lot less work for me! Personally, I can't WAIT for garage-saleing season to begin! I love to find treasures and fix them up or re-purpose them for many uses or even re-selling. (The old cupboard we removed won't exactly be put in the trash either - I'm going to use the wood for a bluebird house or two!)

I've never been "into" those crafts for kids, etc, where you use old milk containers or egg cartons. I'd rather not buy the plastic stuff anyway, and our cardboard is recycled along with plastics we do have to buy. Thinking about it, it would be really hard to recycle a paper orange juice container after it has been painted, has google-eyes glued on and pipe cleaners sticking out of it. For kids crafts, I prefer to use natural items (sticks, rocks, pieces of scrap lumber to build a birdhouse...that sort of thing). Here's one Pagan-type-thing I crafted out of grapevine, twigs and a bit of cotton string for my Grand-daughter to hang near her bed as a "dream catcher":

Crafted from natural items, about 5 inches in diameter
Your Assignment for Week Seven is to share your ideas and inspiration for re-purposing items or helping to reduce household waste. Share any useful links or resources you find along the way as well. I'm contemplating putting all of these contributions into a free e-book at the end of the campaign for this year, listing and linking to, of course, all who have participated.

My Week Six Assignment:

Since my husband is a technician for Dell and Lexmark, and works on many electronic products (from several manufacturers) including laptops and desktops of various brands, printers, gaming systems, cell phones, etc, we have a bit of a head start on recycling resources for these items. Most of them, though, get rebuilt by my husband and are put back into service rather than being disposed of. He hopes to start his own business very soon to repair hardware such as was mentioned above and possibly assist with software issues. (If you need some help repairing a gaming system, computer or other electronic item, send me an inquiry I can pass along to him - he's super reasonable and often gets discounted parts to pass the savings on to the consumer - if you're far from where we live, there may be a fair shipping charge added). Had to give him a little "plug" there...his birthday is this coming Sunday - Earth Day, as a matter of fact! :)

If you haven't joined in with our Earth Day ~ Every Day Campaign: 13 Weeks of Earth-Wise Exploration, it's never too late to begin! Just click the title of the Campaign directly above, read the brief instructions, and enter your blog URL in the comments section. The Earth thanks you for your efforts. ;)
Inspired by her Native American roots and Bradbury lineage, Polly Taskey is a writer and grandmother in the northern USA.  She shares her wisdom and pagan interests through Pagan by Design and The Moonlit Grove.


MagicLoveCrow said...

Polly this is fantastic! I am just trying to catch up with blogs. I am going to come back and try to join your campaign. Good for you and your hubby with the dishwasher. I know for me, if something is in working condition, but for some reason we don't want it anymore, we donate it to Habitat For Humanity. I hate when people throw out good items! Just a few years ago, my mom got a new kitchen. When we moved into the house, the kitchen was orange and I think from the 70's, but still in good condition. We phone Habitat and their guys came in, disconnected everything, and the kitchen went back to their store. They were done in 3 hours. Not one mess. Kitchen was completely bare and mom got a tax receipt! Fantastic! I agree with you on the crafts for kids! I love what you made for your grand-daughter!! So beautiful! I love what your husband is doing! Good for him! Ok, better go! LOL! Have a great day!

Polly said...

Thank you for stopping in and commenting! I'm thinking I might do this campaign each year and maybe tweak it a bit to give it a more "Pagan Twist". Then, hopefully, update the free ebook (I hope to create after the end of this first one) with new stuff added each time around. We'll see. For now, I just need to get through the million projects I have on my plate ;)

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