March 15, 2012

Ostara Ritual ~ Awakening to Spring

Guest Contribution by BlackTail Sphinx
of The Witches Collective

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-Black sheet, towel, or robe
-Colorful or white shirt
-fresh flowers
-Colorful or white candle

Purpose: This ritual is to awaken the season and celebration of spring within yourself.

Prepare your altar. Decorate with the fresh flowers, candle, and any other d├ęcor you may have that reminds you of spring such as a bowl of eggs, animal statues, or simply brightly colored papers. Take a bath or scrub your body with a wash cloth. Cleanse your body and mind for the ritual. After bathing put on the white or colorful shirt and the black sheet or robe over it. Dim the lights of the room, close windows, and approach your altar. Light the candle and prepare for ritual.

Ritual: The Rise of Persephone

Approach your altar silently and with solemnity. Stand before it, thinking over the past winter. Place both hands over your heart and close your eyes, remembering the happenings of the winter months and the starry nights. Visualize the struggles you have gone through during this past winter and as clouds of icy cloud forming just under your hands. Pull your hands away from your chest and visualize the icy cloud in your hands pulling away from your body. Open your eyes but keep your visualization in mind. Say,

“The Kore waited, kept in the land of darkness, she waited. Grieved though she was, she waited. Though her heart was heavy she waited. The Kore sat upon the throne of death and shone as the brightness in darkness. For even as her heart was heavy, she looked compassionately upon the land of death. So too do we struggle and so must we learn to shine in the depths of those troubles.”

Hold out your ball of icy cloud to the altar. Say,

“As the Kore shone so bright, allow me to shine brightly. As the Kore waited, allow me the patience to shed my own burdens.”

Visualize the cloud warmed by the candle and fading into the air. Bring your hands together in front of you and close your eyes. Remember your family and the memories you have made with them this winter. Feel that warmth in your heart, and even if there were fights or conflicts let the pettiness drain away from the warmth of knowing your family care for you. Open your eyes, keeping that warm feeling in your heart. Say,

“While the Kore sat upon the throne of death, her mother did also grieve. For when those you love are trouble, your own heart is troubled. In this way when we are over joyed, we spread that joy through those we love. No pettiness, fear, or sadness can stand against the strength of the joy of the ones we love.”

Take a deep breath and meditate on what spring means to you. Of what coming out of the winter season means for you and your life. When you are ready, close your eyes and bow your head. Let the feelings you have held inside you over the winter months come to the surface. Let them bubble up in this dark space. Visualize them looming in the dark room, separated from your form. Open your eyes and hold this
visualization. Say,

“So the day came when the Kore could ascend from the land of death. In great joy, she threw off her heavy heart and left behind her empty throne. In blazing glory the daughter embraced her mother and light spread through both hearts. For in the light of life and of love, there can be no burdens. The light found within our hearts is brought forth by our joy. So when joy fills us, no darkness can rise against us.”

Move around the room, opening windows, turning on lights, and filling the room with light. Visualize the darkness in the room struggling against to stay in existence. Feel the victory of knowing you will conquer all struggles and spread the light in your heart. Say,

“So the Kore is within each of us, all humans and all beings. We must all rise from the darkness of our struggles to shine forth anew, washed in joy.”

Throw back your black sheet or robe and reveal your colorful clothing. Laugh, sing, chant, dance, celebrate the rise of your heart in your own way. Return to your altar and visualize your space. See the darkness that was looming no longer stands and is gone from your world. Take a deep breath and touch the flowers on your altar. Let their energy dance on your fingers and fill you with peace. Open your eyes and say, with joy in your heart,

“Long live the light of life! Long be blessed the Kore!”

When ritual is done you can unassemble your altar, but wherever you go in your home, open the blinds and let in the light. Decorate with the flowers as reminders of spring. Let the candle burn until it is either burnt out or until sunset. Wear colorful clothing for the day and take a moment to soak in the light around you.
Guest contribution by BlackTail Sphinx of The Witches Collective offering Readings, Free Witch School program, Spell Writing Services, Forum and much more. Get your FREE ISSUE of Ostara 2012 Newsletter  from The Witches Collective!


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Beautiful post Polly! 

Polly said...

Thank you Brenda Lee. I didn't write this though. If you get a chance, check out The Witches Collective - one of my friends there wrote this and usually has a wonderful ritual contribution for each Sabbat.

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