March 23, 2012

Floral Treasures and Sweet Dreams

This is our first spring in our new (old actually, 110 years old to be exact) house, so I've taken a few photos of some of the early flowers coming up. There's nothing like a bright, sunny burst of yellow from the Daffodil to brighten dull-gray spirits of a long winter! I had no idea there were any on the property, so, finding about 20 clumps was a nice surprise!
Daffodils on my small bit of property in Michigan
Daffodils, first and foremost, are deadly! Do not ingest any part of these plants. They can cause a rapid collapse of the respiratory system and heart along with paralyzing the central nervous system ending in death. Magically speaking, they are associated with love and fertility. Place fresh Daffodils in your home to bring abundance, or wear the flower close to your heart to draw love and luck.

Beautiful, sweet-smelling Viola
The Viola has to be the sweetest-smelling flower I've ever come across. I was thrilled to find oodles of it growing on the north side of our property. Even though a Roman myth describes the first violet to have sprung from the spilled blood of the god Attis, who killed himself for Cybele, the mother goddess, it is associated today with tranquility and peace. The leaf is said to offer protection from evil. I've gathered several flowers to dry them so I can sew them into sachets or make a dream pillow for each of my grandchildren. If you carry the petals with you, it is said they will enhance nighttime magic and bring good luck. More Dream Pillow ideas:

World of Lucid Dreaming ~ How to Make a Dream Pillow for Relaxation and Lucid Dreams

Free Dream Pillow Pattern called "Moon Phases" from 5 Orange Potatoes
Vinca Vine, known also as Periwinkle or Sorcerer's Violet

Vinca Vine flourishes along the north and south borders of my property. It was once called "Sorcerer's Violet" and is often referred to as Periwinkle or Myrtle. It is a powerful charm against evil spirits and is used also in love charms and potions. Carrying this plant with you can attract money, and protect one from snakes, evil spirits and poisons. Placing it over the door is said to protect the home. It is also used to increase passion and added to love spells. Gazing at the Periwinkle is said to restore lost memories. The dried flowers or root can be used in an amulet said to bring about needed changes in one's life.

Medicinally speaking, the Vinpocetine in the Vinca Vine is said to improve blood circulation and help reduce the risk of stroke. Additionally, it is believed to assist in improving hearing, eyesight, increase the flow of oxygen to the brain, improve memory and slow the aging process. I do not recommend ingesting any portion of any plant without the guidance of a qualified physician or experienced Herbologist.
Inspired by her Native American roots and Bradbury lineage, Polly Taskey is a writer and grandmother in the northern USA.  She shares her wisdom and pagan interests through Pagan by Design and The Moonlit Grove.


Brenda Lee said...

Beautiful pictures Polly! I love daf's. So beautiful! Gosh, just looking at the pics makes me smile and feel warm and fuzzy! Muwah!

Sanil said...

Those are some beautiful flowers! I'm in the process of moving now, the first time I'll have a house of my own. It's probably a bit late this year to start thinking about flowers for the garden (especially since I don't have a job and there are more pressing things requiring the little money I have), but I'm really excited to start one next spring. I don't know anything about flowers, really, and your descriptions and notes here are helpful. 

Polly said...

Congratulations Sanil! It's so exciting to have a place of your own to plant things where you want :)

Thank you Brenda Lee :) Me too ;)

Pam said...

Okay the word Pagan both intrigues me and scares me.  When I see pagan, I think primeval, earthy, sensuality, giving up my soul to experience basic pleasures!  All intriguing and scaarey!!!  lol, I am really enjoying your blog.  Your flowers are gorgeous and I like that you include very useful information about them.  It will take some time to explore your bit of the world you've shared here and you will probably see me comment in other places on your blog!  Thanks for visiting my versana 2.0.

Polly said...

Welcome to my little corner of the world Pam! I'm pleased you've dropped by. You're pretty much "on" with your idea of Paganism - except for the part about giving up your's actually quite the opposite - reclaiming your soul ;)

I'll be visiting your blog much more now that I've "found it" too! Bright Blessings!

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