March 4, 2012

Earth Day ~ Every Day Week One

Earth Day ~ Every Day Week One Assignment:
March 4th-10th, 2012

In a few brief paragraphs, list no less than 3 reasons why preserving the Earth is important to you. What are some of the Earth-friendly things you intend to research or implement in your own family/home? What are some of the things you're already doing to help the planet? (Be honest:  This isn't a contest to compare your current level of "responsibility" with that of others). Do you feel that the Earth-friendly actions of just one person or family really makes much of a difference for the planet? Lesson One is a way to share your goals for this project (and beyond) as they relate to caring for the environment. There are no "wrong answers". At the end of your assignment post, please share interesting or informative links or resources you've found already. (If you haven't joined in already, please do so here: Earth Day ~ Every Day Campaign)

Note: The first assignment may seem mundane, but during the last week of our project we will explore what we've learned during the Campaign, how our Earth-wise actions or awareness has changed (if at all) since we began, comparing between "then and now", and will help me to further develop or improve upon this project in the future.

Here are MY basic answers for Week One:

Caring for the Earth is important to me because if we destroy the only "home" we have, life as we know it will certainly come to a painful end. I would like my children and grandchildren to be able to live without pollution or the dangers to their health that comes along with it. I worry about things like Global climate changes, about the impact our growing human population has upon the Earth, and the loss of forests and wildlife.
I want to learn how to reduce my dependence on plastics, how to generate less household waste, how to do more every day to reduce my family's footprint upon the Earth, and ways to teach Earth-wise responsibility to my grandchildren - to be carried on for generations to come. I also want to live healthier; without all of the hormones injected in our food supply, and so on.
I'm not sure how much of an impact is made when just one person or one family consciously cares for the Earth - it's hard to believe it would make much difference by itself - but over the course of a lifetime, the benefits could be significant. Besides, if others are inspired to follow the lead on just one Earth-wise family, then the results will continue to grow and multiply. I can imagine hearing and feeling the Earth "exhale", with a sigh of relief, as environmental awareness and responsibility spreads virally among more and more humans.
Currently, I feel I don't do nearly enough to help the planet. I do recycle a good portion of our household waste, but there is much more that I could recycle. With teenage boys in the home, I feel we use too much electricity (video games, television, etc), more water than we need to, etc. I want to learn where and how to recycle and properly dispose of things like old carpeting, broken electronics and other items of "waste" that will result when we (hopefully soon) refurbish the 110 year old house we just bought that needs a LOT of work. Also, I want to find age-appropriate Earth-friendly projects and activities for my grandchildren to do.
Please Comment below with the URL to the post containing your Week One Assignment Answers and anything Earthy you'd like to share.  If you are unable to comment to this post for any reason, please email me ( and I will post it for you.
Inspired by her Native American roots and Bradbury lineage, Polly Taskey is a writer and grandmother in the northern USA.  She shares her wisdom and pagan interests through Pagan by Design and The Moonlit Grove.


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