February 22, 2012

My Kinder-Crafts and a Comments Test

This is a quickie! I just need a couple people to comment on this post (please) and give me some feedback about the new commenting system I've installed from IntenseDebate Disqus. (Edited to update: I already had to delete IntenseDebate and re-install my old template.)

IntenseDebate caused excessive non-responsive script errors when using Mozilla, me and others getting booted OFF my blog in Google Chrome, and lagging in both of these plus Internet Explorer platform. 

I just installed Disqus in a matter of seconds and everything seems to be working just fine! Please DO comment and let me know if you have any trouble, have feedback about the Disqus commenting function, etc. Thank you!) By the way, all the old comments are currently being "imported" into the Disqus format - so if you don't see your old comments for a while, check back later - they should be there.

As long as I'm posting "something", I can at least give you something to comment on, right? Here are my latest (okay they are my FIRST) attempts at making Corn Husk Dolls and a little pentacle I made last fall (made from tiny sticks, string and grapevine for the circle - it is about 5 inches across). I gave the pentacle to my granddaughter to hang up as a "dream catcher" to help her sleep well. ;)

Voila, my "Kinder Crafts": (I've mastered using Crayola crayons, but still trying to figure out how to do this stuff).

Yikes, is that really DUST on my windowsill? Nah, can't be...

"Maizey" is a poor thing who has no ability to stand...but she has arms!

"Demetrius" has her head turned. She can't bear to look at me for not giving her arms. BUT, she can stand up!

Inspired by her Native American roots and Bradbury lineage, Polly Taskey is a writer and grandmother in the northern USA.  She shares her wisdom and pagan interests through Pagan by Design and The Moonlit Grove.


Polly said...

Okay folks...after getting booted out of my blog every time I viewed it in Google Chrome (and others saying they were getting booted off too from whatever platform), and having a ton of non-responsive script errors when viewing blog in Mozilla, plus lagging with all three browsers (including IE), I have dumped IntenseDebate for now. Will have to keep looking for something more compatible.

I like CommentLuv but that's for Wordpress. Will try to install Disqus again I suppose. Sheesh, this is not fun - trying to find the best way for non-Blogspot commentators to be able to comment on my blog. :(

Four-Legged Mom said...

I wonder why IntenseDebate won't work? Hmmm it worked on my old blogger one. That stinks because you just add the lil CommentLuv plugin to it and there ya go. :( There is also Livefyre but does not have CommentLuv. I also had issues installing Disqus, that's why I reverted to the other. Good luck!


Polly said...

It could be because I am using a custom template already...not sure. I have some things that won't show up at the bottom of my posts because of it - so could be.

I did send a help ticket to IntenseDebate but they want the blog URL to "see" what's going on and they won't be able to because I already got rid of it.

Will keep reading. Thank you :)

Mrs BC said...

Your corn dollys are beautiful, I especially love Maizey. Good luck with the comment system, Blogger is being a total bitch lately. Grr!

Polly (Pagan by Design) said...

Cauldron Keeper - yes, I agree, it was very frustrating!

Moon Witch left a comment about liking "Maizey" above the most...but her comment showed up from "DISQUS Bot" in my email...what the heck? I really hope I didn't screw up some settings somewhere. :(

Pagan Spouse said...

I am sending this comment to see if it posting properly

Polly said...

Aha! There's your post Mrs BC ~ Thank you, and I agree about Blogger being a pain in the butt lately...non-Blogspot users could not post comments. Hopefully this remedies the situation.

Thank you Pagan Spouse :)

I see that I will have to choose some cool avatar for those who don't have profile pics to show up when commenting.

Yay, Disqus!!

salemwitchchild said...

I think disque is one of the best commenting systems. Nice crafts. 

Polly said...

Thank you Salem, and so far I agree about Disqus...I'm really liking it!

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