February 4, 2012


Either I'm a really boring person, or just really into my "path". I've placed my garden seed order this morning and haven't been this excited in months!

Along with the Zucchini, Tomatoes, Corn, Peas, Beans, Carrots and so forth, I found this amazing shrub while I was looking for Blueberries, Currants and Elderberries. I just have to share (with those who haven't heard of it yet) what I'm learning about the Goji Berry!

Known also as the Wolfberry, Goji Berry has been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. They are extremely high in antioxidents and very nutritious. They are higher in Beta Carotene than Carrots, higher in Iron than Steak, and higher in Vitamin C than Oranges.

Among the many benefits to human health, Goji Berries are said to improve eyesight, slow the aging process, protect the liver, improve circulation, and possibly prevent or even cure cancer. Since I have autoimmune disorders requiring me to take several medications every day, I have serious concerns about my liver. This benefit alone is appealing to me.

Apparently, the berries taste like a cross between strawberries and raspberries. They can be made into juice, tea and wine, or dried and eaten like raisins. So...yes...I'm having a bit of a "Goji-gasm" here as I read more about this wonder-shrub.

For more information, visit TLC Cooking. If you'd like to buy a potted plant for your own garden, you can get them through Gurney's Seed Catalog (online) for $12.99. They grow in full sun to partial shade in zones 5-9 to a height of 8-10 feet.

I'm off to find the perfect location to plant this beauty once it arrives!
Inspired by her Native American roots and Bradbury lineage, Polly Taskey is a writer and grandmother in the northern USA.  She shares her wisdom and pagan interests through Pagan by Design and The Moonlit Grove.


Nikolai Serban said...

There's nothing boring about planting new things or exploring a new garden design! Have fun.

Kallan said...

I love prepping for planting time too, so I relate to this completely! I love Goji berries. You have to blog about your experience in growing them! Hugs

Polly said...

Thank you Nikolai! I definitely will!!

Kallan, do you grow your own Goji Bushes? I can hardly wait to begin!

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