February 2, 2012

2012 ~ A Magical Year of Focus and Change

I don't know about you, but I've sensed that 2012 will bring something wonderful and magical for all of us. The changes, I feel, will at first seem terrifying, forever and dramatically disrupting our ways of life, comfort zones and belief systems as we currently know them. As we absorb information and adjust, however, I feel that (for those of us brave enough to evolve and accept change and enlightenment) there will be personal and spiritual rewards without measure - mysterious questions clearly answered - and personal abilities tuned and refined. Crazy? Perhaps. What are your "feelings" about events and their effects which may unfold in 2012?

More than usual, I feel a strong pull to focus on myself and my own growth for 2012. Some of the early things I am doing for me this year include the following (not in any particular order):
  1. Finally choosing attire for my wardrobe that reflects my Witchy passions! Other than my pentacle necklace, I've kept "visual aids" into my spiritual passions rather obscure. I can't wait until the tax refund arrives so I can place the order for the clothing I've been drooling over at The Pyramid Collection! This IS who I am, and I intend to fully and finally embrace my identity publicly, whether they like it or not. No more days of just boring jeans, tennis shoes and blah tops.
  2. Improving my relationships with my children and imparting as much wisdom and experience as I can to my kids and grandkids. Teaching, more than usual, through modeling, family time and sharing, how to thrive and excel (with or without my continued guidance) in a difficult world.
  3. Tripling my attention toward continued learning and growth as it relates to psychic development, my craft, and training/practices in occult realms. Part of this goal is finishing the classes I have begun with Magicka School which are: Beginner's Tarot; Spell Crafting; Magical Herbal Compleat; and Wicca Revealed, and enrolling in more training as well. Another part of continued learning will be practicing my skills in precognition and remote viewing. (This reminds me, I have a Remote Viewing Challenge for all of you: Can you help me locate this missing coin?). I am also taking part in two exciting Witchy Reading Challenges for 2012. Check them out on my sidebar or by clicking the links below:

Melissa's Eclectic Bookshelf

Here is my (subject to change) list for these reading challenges:
Click Image to Enlarge

OOH, I nearly forgot...I am also working to improve my skills with Graphics Creation! I have created three templates I would like to share (including the one above with my list typed onto it) with others to be used for their Books of Shadows and so on. I hope I get this "preparing" and "uploading" part right so that you can use them. In my next post, I will (hopefully have figured out) supply you with the raw images for printing and handwriting on (or using in scrapbooks) AS WELL AS Open Office Templates so that you will have the option of typing onto them directly in your word processor before printing.
Inspired by her Native American roots and Bradbury lineage, Polly Taskey is a writer and grandmother in the northern USA.  She shares her wisdom and pagan interests through Pagan by Design and The Moonlit Grove.


Mrs BC said...

Good luck with your big plans for 2012!
I'm not much of a psychic, but I got a flash that your coin was under a cushion. A large, pale grey square cushion, like one that goes on a couch. Hope you find it!

Polly said...

Mrs BC, I think you may have more psychic gifts than you know! We have a loveseat that is grayish (sort of pewter colored) with large square cushions. Under them I found TWO coins but not the gold-plated heirloom one I am looking for. It is VERY UNUSUAL for spending money to end up misplaced like that. Would you like to try and visualize what the coins are - just for fun? They are US currency. I also found one MORE item in that same couch...wanna give it a go? :D

Thank you so much for your comments and your worthy efforts in remote viewing for me!

Magaly Guerrero said...

Garden Spells is an amazing book and Incantation is on my to be read list. I can't wait to see what you think of them both!

Polly said...

Now I REALLY can't wait to get started on Incantation and Garden Spells! I will need to see if they are at my local library since I really can't just go and buy all these books I want to read. :) Today, however, I will be receiving The New England Witch Chronicles in the mail! Yippee I can't wait!!...Oh yeah, and I am doing pretty well in my classes with Magicka. After months leaving it "aside", I passed two exams last night with 100% and a 92%...several more to go. :D

Magaly Guerrero said...

Hey sweet one, I just published a post were you can link your reviews from Jan-Mar. Late, but here ;-)

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