January 25, 2012

Imbolc Ritual ~ Sacred Fire of Hestia

Guest Contribution by BlackTail of 
The Witches Collective
Image of Hestia by Sandra M. Stanton


-Basil (ground up)
-Small bowl of salt
-Cup of water
-Picture or statue of Hestia
-6 candles(with holders or in fire safe containers. Preferred colors: white, cream, pale yellow )
-One large red or brown candle

Prepare for ritual by bathing and cleansing yourself of negativity.

As you gather your supplies together place them on your altar, or table.

The candles should be in a straight line, with three candles on either side of the large main candle. The bowl of salt you can place in front of you and the cup of water also, so both can be in arms reach.
Place the plate under the main candle. Sprinkle basil around the main candle, this should appear as the candle sitting in a plate of basil. The other candles should be in safe containers. Keep the picture/statue of Hestia on the other side of the altar and out of harm's reach.
Take a few minutes to breathe deeply and visualize your home as a beacon of warmth in the cold of yet-to-thaw spring. Let that visualization sink in. Open your eyes. Take a pinch of salt and sprinkle it into the water. Feel the salt purify the water. Next, add a pinch of ground basil into the water. Take the cup of water and walk around your ritual area. Sprinkle water around your ritual area to cleanse it of negative energies. After your area is cleansed and blessed return to your altar. Place the salt and water back on the altar. 

When you are ready to begin, light the main candle. Take a minute and look into the fire. Take a deep breath, turn your palms up to the ceiling. 

Invocation of Hestia:
"Goddess of Home and Hearth, Hestia. The light of self burns brightly within the sacred house of our hearts. It is this great mystery that you hold. Please bring us to the threshold of knowing. Hestia, Goddess of purity and craft, initiate us into the wisdom of Self. Through your glimmering example, show us the deep mystery of our hearts."

Reach out and touch the plate the main candle sits on. Look into the candle flame and imagine the goddess Hestia. See her in your mind and feel her all around you. Continue.

In each hand, take the two candles that are on either side, closest to the main candle. One in your right hand, one in your left. Hold them up in front of you. 

"That which is closest to our hearts is our home. May our home be warmed by the fire of our hearts."

Light these two candles with the flame of the main candle. Hold them and walk a circle, clockwise, around your altar. Return to the altar.

"By the Flame of Self the home is kept safe. Initiated into the light of Self. Hestia bless this home."

Place the two candles back on either side of the main candle. Take the next to candles on either side of the previous two. Hold them up as you did with the others.

"That which is within our home is our family. May they be blessed by the warmth of our love."

Light these two candles with the flames of the previous two. Take these candles and walk another circle around your altar, clockwise. Return to altar.

"By the Flame of the Home, family is blessed. Enfolded in the light of home through the light of Self. Hestia bless my family."

Replace the candles to their spots beside the previous candles. Take up the last two candles. These two candles should be the two ends of your line of candles. Hold them up as before.

"That which is our family spreads throughout the World. Reflecting the passion of the family, the warmth of the home, and the light of the Self."

Light these two candles with the flames of the previous two. Take these candles and walk another circle around your altar, clockwise. Return to altar.

"By the Flame of Family which is held within the home and ignited through the Self, the world shines brightly. Radiating the wisdom of the world within the family, held within the warmth of home, made true by the fire of Self."

Place the candles back in their line. Take a few deep breathes and close your eyes. Imagine your home again, the small glimmer of warmth in the cold landscape. Across from you, on the other side of the altar, see Hestia holding her sacred flame. It illumines all depths and darkness, bringing truth within reach of all that seek it. You may converse with the Goddess, ask questions of pray. When you are finished, see Hestia take a portion of her sacred flame and place it in your hands. Open your eyes. Place both hands to your heart and feel the flame of the Goddess burning within you.

"The Truth of Self is as the winter cold. Hard to uncover and difficult to face. By the grace of the Goddess, love of our family, and support of our home, we can illumine our hearts. This is the mystery of Self, which we are initiated into. Bless us at this hour, Hestia, that you will continue to hold the sacred fire within ourselves."

Say a private thanks to Hestia. Keep the candles burning safely until they burn themselves out. When the candles are burnt out, bury them around your home. Keep the picture of Hestia, putting it in your living room or kitchen as a reminder of her grace.
Guest contribution by BlackTail of The Witches Collective offering Readings, Free Witch School program, Spell Writing Services, Forum and much more. Get your FREE ISSUE of Imbolc 2012 Newsletter from The Witches Collective!

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LOVE LOVE this! Thank you!!!!

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You're very welcome :) I didn't write it, though. This ritual is included in the Imbolc 2012 Newsletter from The Witches Collective (link to free newsletter just under the post above in the "credits"). Enjoy and Bright Blessings!

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