October 17, 2011

A Funny-Spooky True Story (or Two)

My Daughter and Her Family 2011
My sweet daughter and amazing grandchildren visited me yesterday. She, her husband and family recently moved to a different apartment after renting the basement of a house next to a cemetery for several months. While they lived there, my granddaughter began having an "odd" imaginary friend (?) whom she called "Kika" (key-kuh) and would sort of "sleep walk". During these episodes, my daughter was genuinely unnerved and asked me if she should seek counseling of some kind. My granddaughter would be mean and sometimes violent at the age of 2 1/2 - as if she was "hypnotized into a daze" and wasn't "herself". Brittney was actually worried her daughter would take a knife to her and stab her in her sleep or something!

We never got to the bottom of what was actually causing the weird personality change or the conversations Vehda (vay-duh) would have with "Kika" which were quite eerie, but they stopped soon after they moved away from the basement apartment next to the cemetery. For these reasons, I was thoroughly intrigued and feeling a bit "crawly" when Brittney (my daughter) shared this conversation with me yesterday:

Brittney: Mom, if I tell you something, you can't tell anyone else, okay?
Me: Of course I won't tell, what is it? (thinking of the possibilities to myself...is she pregnant with my fourth grandchild, thinks her husband is cheating, etc...guess I'm not very good at keeping secrets since I am telling the world right now!)
Brittney: Well, I was sweeping the floor the other day and for the first time in my life I was actually terrified that we have a ghost! (I'm thinking, ooh this is juicy - she can't possibly relate the events quick enough...but is she in danger?)
Me: Oh my god, what happened!?
Brittney: The house was cold so I had my blanket wrapped around my shoulders. When I bent over, to position the dust pan, I felt my blanket lifting up! I froze in that position and it kept moving ALL BY ITSELF! I was really scared - nobody else was there except the kids - one sleeping and one playing in the other room!
Me: (feeling tingly chills - thinking of how the presence of ghosts makes the room cold) What happened?
Brittney: I was still hunched over and I turned my head to try and see what was behind me. I saw my blanket moving up above me, moving higher while I was still!
Me: (eyes wide open wishing she would talk faster) What WAS it?!!
Brittney: I have honestly never been so scared in my life Mom, but I got the courage to reach for the blanket...you CAN'T laugh...the broom handle which had been leaning against the table had caught under my blanket and was pushing it up! The more I bent over, the more it pulled the blanket off of me!
Me and Brittney: (LOTS of laughter! I broke another promise by laughing!)
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Keltikmystique said...

LOL!!! I L O V E it!!! What a great story... one to share as a spooky/funny story for future Halloween/Samhain nights! Thanks you so much for breaking your promise and sharing with us :)

Magaly Guerrero said...

Ha! I don't think Britney will mind much; this is to hilarious, and not embarrassing at all. You set me up. There I was open-mouthed waiting for the worse, when boom, I roared. You are a naughty Witch!

Judy said...

Wonderful...was waiting tensely for 'something' ...

Anonymous said...

Oh Drat! I was just waiting to say the ghost is clearly a Peeping Tom!

Delphi said...

LMAO....can't breathe...

Anonymous said...

LMAO... poor Brittney you broke another promise by posting about it, but its a GREAT Halloween story LOL. :-)

Robbie ChaosGrave said...

Its January, and I still read it lol. But I can't resist a good ghost story

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