April 8, 2011

Modern-Day Witchcraft Accusations and Inhumane Slaughter

What sort of a threat can a 5 year old child, a 9 month old baby, or a frail older woman possibly pose to any individual or culture? How does a human mind become so twisted that it can even conceive the idea of torturing another human, let alone act on the idea and then watch, or participate, in butchering or burning a child to death? Can you imagine the horror and fear? The screams of pain, the desperate pleas for help?

I'm not describing a segment of some fictitious novel based on evil or horrific nightmares. This isn't a story of non-evolved, prehistoric homo-sapiens incapable of communication beyond grunting, or huddling in fear because they don't yet comprehend what "supernatural" forces cause the ground to shake during an earthquake.

This disgusting, insane, sickening and inhumane "nightmare" is a reality in Africa and around the globe, TODAY! Perhaps many of us really are still living in the non-evolved dark ages:
"Witch hunts on the African continent are largely motivated through localized forms of religious extremism by practitioners of traditional African religions who believe that witchcraft is the cause of misfortune, traditional healers (including diviners, herbalists, 'witch‐doctors') who use various forms of divination to point out suspected witches, and charismatic revivalist Christian religious leaders (pastors and prophets) who use their prejudicial notions of witchcraft as a manifest form of satanic evil to encourage their followers to find (accuse) and convert suspected witches." [Source: Touchstone Advocacy]
 I find it ironic that the same people who claim morality and wholesomeness, wishing to put an end to "evil" and fear, are the ones who are committing the most atrocious acts of evil and creating fear themselves. Within our history, this has been a recurring theme: Monotheist groups "exterminating" those who do not seem to "fit within" preconceived and cult-like notions of what (or whom) is "allowed, acceptable, normal or right". Worst of all, they don't even execute their victims with any shred of decency. Innocent victims meet their demise only after brutal and sadistic suffering has overtaken every thought and fiber of their being. 

Personally, I feel much safer surrounded by Witches than some so-called "followers of God's Word". Please download a pdf copy of Witchcraft Accusations and Human Rights Abuses in Africa and then join me in making your voice heard by sending an International Letter of Protest in pdf format or download in .docx format.

May the victims of these inexcusable acts of insanity rest in peace.
Inspired by her Native American roots and Bradbury lineage, Polly Taskey is a writer and grandmother in the northern USA.  She shares her wisdom and pagan interests through Pagan by Design and The Moonlit Grove.


Anonymous said...

And yet Christians claim they are part of a religion and a god that is about acceptance, love and forgiveness, yeah right.

Anonymous said...

Yep, the ability to inflict nightmarish cruelty on those "who are different" goes beyond religion. In many cases, I think it boils down to "I need a cheap source of labor and you'll make the perfect cheap source," or "I need land, so why don't I just take yours?"

Green Witch said...

I hear that Tiffany, they (not all, but enough of them - and ONE is too many) make their true message heard loud and clear.

Damon Leff said...

Thank you for supporting this campaign.

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