April 10, 2011

Journey of the Tarot ~ Beginning

Some of my friends and I are currently working through Kim Huggens', Tarot 101 Mastering the Art of Reading the Cards over at The Balanced Witch. Feel free to join me or share Tarot-based discussion within my message forum located here. For this course, I am using The Gilded Tarot deck by Ciro Marchetti.

The assignments from Lesson One ask readers to complete only a few basic tasks as shown below. You'll find my personal answers here. If you'd like to study The Tarot too, why not follow along with me and share your own answers and observations?

Lesson 1.2: What do you think the Tarot can do for you? Over time, you may notice that your perceptions change.
  • Provide insight not only into Tarot reading but also into the paths and lessons of life
  • Allow me to expand my knowledge and perhaps further understand my own inner workings
  • Help me connect with the Alpha state (after practice) so that psychic intuition more easily comes forth
  • Help me make sense of the past, present and future for myself and others
  • Allow me to help others, through increased intuition; almost as a way of "counseling"
  • Help me and others to identify and remove personal barriers to success or happiness
  • Help me further develop my psychic skills and tap into them when I want, rather than just experiencing them when they happen since I currently feel I have no control over starting or stopping them (premonitions, remote viewing)
  • Help me build knowledge that will promote success in OTHER forms of divination
  • Promote my confidence
  • Help me learn to meditate effectively for improved health and wellness for myself
  • Be able to mentor others who are seeking to learn Tarot
  • Enrich my knowledge, credibility and expertise along the paths of Paganism or Witchcraft
  • Have the ability to earn money or things in trade for using these skills to help others
Lesson 1.3: Write a beginning Mission Statement of your goals with the Tarot. This may also change as time goes on.
It is my mission to become adept and skilled at divination beginning with the learning of the Tarot; to silence my thoughts and gain a much greater understanding of meditation, my natural intuitive ability, and a means of entering and exiting the state of psychic awareness at will. I intend to use this knowledge and experience as a means to help others and help myself during life's trials confusing moments. My goal is to become a credible, perhaps even admired, source for awareness into the mysterious realms of life. I wish to utilize the skills I gain for the greater good of all, and as a stepping stone toward learning many other forms of divination.
Lesson 1.4 (Optional): Choose a card from your deck that you feel drawn to. What do you feel from this card? What are some of the symbols that stand out to you?

I chose two cards; The Moon and The Star but will discuss just one of them here today. I feel powerful vibes from The Moon card. At first it reminds me of when I was homeless and pregnant in 1986 for about three months until November 3rd. I would look up at the moon and try to imagine the light emanating (reflecting) from it was warming me. It was cold in Michigan at that time. Being alone was very scary. I could either let myself feel terror at the things (usually humans) that were about in the night in a large city; or I could feel tuned with the primal strength inside and around me. Like the qualities of the Moon (which is also my birth sign), I too can be moody, often choosing wildlife or pets over close socializing with humans, and I can create beautiful and pleasing things.

Inspired by her Native American roots and Bradbury lineage, Polly Taskey is a writer and grandmother in the northern USA.  She shares her wisdom and pagan interests through Pagan by Design and The Moonlit Grove.


OdalysTarot said...

I look forward to reading more articles from you. The perspective discuss was very intuitive! Thank you!

Please, send me a link whenever you write something else. I would love to read it.

Green Witch said...

Thank you so much for your kind comments! I think I'm actually blushing as I'm only a couple weeks into this. I'll be checking out your link as well.

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