March 18, 2012

Earth Day ~ Every Day Week Three

I don't know about anyone else, but when I attempted to complete Lesson Two - trying to find 10 items in my home (or in its' construction) that are NOT made from oil, I was hard-pressed to come up with much of anything. As I observed things around me, this question kept entering my mind, "If no part of this item is constructed from oil, did it take oil to either manufacture it, package it for sale, ship it to another location, or all three?" I really had no idea how dependent we've become on oil until I really observed what is around me! Wow!

Here is my partial list, including why I eliminated items after they were listed:
  • metal filing cabinet
  • pencils (I think oil is used in the ink that indicates manufacturer or brand on the side, though)
  • wooden furniture (eliminated because they are coated in polyurethane or stain)
  • my ceramic dishes
  • metal pots and pans without plastic handles or non-stick coatings
  • the fabrics and clothing made from natural materials like cotton (many eliminated due to being cotton/poly or nylon blend)
  • the fresh fruits and vegetables in my kitchen and refrigerator (except those wrapped in plastic from the store)
  • anything comprised of just glass, just wood or a combination (sadly, there isn't much of this)

Earth Day ~ Every Day Week Three Assignment
March 18th-24th, 2012
    Our dependence on oil seems so overwhelming! Over the next few weeks, I'll be looking at ways to reduce my family's dependency while also looking into the lessons scheduled to come. I've found some terrific resources (listed below) to learn about oil dependence and pollution, especially as it relates to fuels, emissions, factories and transportation.

    Saving Energy: 12 Steps to Wean America Off Oil is a wonderful resource offered by Learn ways, many of which you may not have considered before, to conserve energy.

    Green Living is a beautiful and informative blog designed to help us learn how to implement some of these changes.

    Green Student U offers an in-depth look at the statistics, causes and potential cures for all types of environmental pollution. Excerpt from this source: "Every year in the U.S., factories release over 3 million tons of toxic chemicals into the land, air and water. This hazardous waste causes us to lose over 15 million acres of land every year...".

    Read about these procedures to Remove 10 Cancer-Causing (oil based) things from our homes.

    Just as promised, here is terrific list (with photos and instructions) of Earth Day Crafts for the kids from Kaboose!

    And just a little something for the grown-ups; Woman Junction gives a recipe I'm going to try myself for Homemade Hair Spray. Just a note, hair sprays are made from oil, too, along with emitting nasty fluorocarbons into the atmosphere.

    This week's assignment, due March 24th, 2012, is to read (at least) the first link given above (more if you wish - and I hope that you will), to create a folder specifically for Green Living in the bookmarks section of your browser bar (you might call it "Green" or "Earth-Wise" - whatever you wish) to save informative links and references into so you can re-read them at various times as needed (I personally do this so I can refer to them often to remind me how to implement earth-friendly living and to learn new things), and then, choose at least one type (or source) of air/land pollutant to research and write about. Use any of the following ideas to help generate ideas, or create your own:

    1. Is there a factory in your town, county or state that strictly adheres to environmental standards? If so, how? On the contrary, is there a plant or factory in your state, county or town that is a primary source of pollution? Is anything being done about it? Has it affected you or someone you know? If so, how?

    2. Talk about one or more sources of air or land pollution (water pollution will be discussed in later weeks). You might add statistical data, how things have improved or declined between 1980 (or any year) and now. For example, you might describe the amount of carbon dioxide released through motorized vehicles alone, how it has changed or remained the same over a period of time, and what can be done to significantly reduce the problem.

    3. Do you or your children suffer from respiratory difficulties? Do you feel they are linked to air pollution? If so, please describe your thoughts, concerns and expenses in having to deal with these things. How do you cope with the situation?

    4. Research and describe any type of pollutant, such as phosphates, asbestos, mercury, nitrates, caustic soda and other sodium compounds, sulfuric acid, sulfur, oils and petrochemicals. Where do they come from? What effects do they have on the planet, wildlife, humans? Do you know of any ways to reduce the amount of this pollutant being pumped into the atmosphere each day?

    5. Talk about anything you wish (fears, hopes, experiences) in relation to air and land pollutants OR our dependence on oil.

    6. Write anything you want that is related to either Transportation, Factories, Fuels or Emissions and how it relates to environmental concerns.
    Inspired by her Native American roots and Bradbury lineage, Polly Taskey is a writer and grandmother in the northern USA.  She shares her wisdom and pagan interests through Pagan by Design and The Moonlit Grove.


    Aepril Schaile said...

    Thank you for raising awareness about oil based products. I thought myself to be fairly eco-aware, but I hadn't really explored this. Blessings!

    Polly said...

    How kind of you Aepril. I'm doing this for myself and the future generations of my family as well as for others. I'm learning along with everyone participating. There is much I didn't comprehend or was ignorant of. 

    rox said...

    Hi Polly , I did what I could for week 3 hope to get to week 4 later in the week ☺
    lots of love , Rox ♥

    Polly said...

    No worries Rox! I'm a tad behind too. I should have had week 5 up yesterday but haven't even written it yet with all the "stuff" going on...probable divorce in my second and last (short-term) marriage, a creativity Workshop I just began, working on getting my disability approved this time around, keeping up with courses at Magicka school online, the 13 Goddesses in 13 Weeks project (behind there too), reading challenges, and keeping up with giving all that I can to help those who choose to advertise on my blog. Whew! Today is catch up day for me.

    I'm so pleased you're working on the Earth Day project along with me. :) Bright Blessings  

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