March 7, 2011

Witches and Riches

One of the first questions people ask, when they discover that my spiritual path includes Witchcraft is, "Why do you accept living in poverty sometimes?  If you can really make magic (disbelieving tone) then you could just cast a spell to win the Lottery!".  The second question is usually, "Can you foretell the winning numbers for ME, then?".  After I explain my position, the inquisitive and excited attitude often turns to silence as a blank, somewhat confused facial expression of deep contemplation emerges.

We all ache for something, at some time, and for very good reason.  Without dreams and goals, we would all be content with eating dirt and walking barefoot among thorns!  Our ancestors experimented with tasting various plants and wildlife - mixing, matching and learning to heat food to satisfy the palate.  At some point, "goals" caused someone to devise a method for covering the feet to avoid painful encounters.  A wise person (Pagan or not) comprehends the difference between comfort and lavish luxury, utilizing the driving forces of natural human desire to accomplish purposeful goals and easier living.

For these reasons, responsible practitioners of Magic often ask only for their fair share, or a small boost to assist during a financial struggle, and in exchange, they have typically spent a great deal of time "giving" first.  Those who give TO themselves and OF themselves are also those people who tend to feel happy and content more often, regardless of how much loot they possess.

Some of the "richest" people on the planet are those who have the least material possessions.  It is true: "Money doesn't buy happiness", but we all know it certainly helps, right?!  As you work money spells and build magic to gain prosperity, make it a daily habit to look for those opportunities to help a friend or neighbor in need, take steps to help manifest your desires, and expand your view to really appreciate the multitude of blessings that are already there - those "unimportant" things we tend to take for granted in our never ending quest for "more".

Tips for Successful Money Spells:

  • Clearly define the intent of your spell, considering the potential consequences to yourself or others.
  • Incorporate the correct correspondences to boost your magic.
  • Do your part to meet magic half-way.  Apply for the job, improve the credit score, seek the opportunity.
  • Utilize the Elements which provide corresponding properties of gain, prosperity, and success.
  • Nurture the spell, restate your goals, re-work the steps and visualize the results as already achieved.
  • Plan your spell to coincide with the occurrence of the Waxing Moon. As the Moon grows to Full, your spell gains momentum toward reaching its' fruition.
  • Do not expect instantaneous results, and do not ever doubt that your magic will be manifested.
  • Leave openings for the Universe to grant your requests and meet your needs.  Rather than casting a spell to encourage Aunt May to send you $500, simply state your need to receive money from one or more sources.
  • Remain tuned to progressive signs, opportunities, and blessings received.  We tend to have expectations about how our needs will be met, and often miss other avenues of resolution.
  • When a prosperity spell seems to have been ineffective, be assured there is something positive on the horizon.  Perhaps gaining your "wish" at this time would eliminate the chance of a greater outcome later.
Inspired by her Native American roots and Bradbury lineage, Polly Taskey is a writer and grandmother in the northern USA.  She shares her wisdom and pagan interests through Pagan by Design and The Moonlit Grove.


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