March 11, 2012

Earth Day ~ Every Day: Week Two

If you're just catching up, I've devoted the 13 Weeks, from March 4th, 2012 to June 2nd, 2012, to my Earth Day ~ Every Day Campaign: 13 Weeks of Earth-Wise Exploration. If you haven't joined in already, please do so now, right here, and include your children in these exercises to build awareness and responsibility towards our planet and its' resources. Promote the campaign on your own blog, Facebook page, or website if you like.

Week Two: March 11th - March 17th, 2012 
Our Dependence on Oil  

The assignment for Week One asked you to give no less than three reasons, in two or three brief paragraphs, to explain why caring for the Earth is important to you. There are no "wrong" answers. I simply want readers to take a few moments to ponder these considerations for themselves, and for future generations.

Here are a few facts about our current impact upon the Earth:
  • The population is currently above 6.9 billion people; a growing strain upon Earth's natural resources
  • The average person generates about 4.5 pounds of trash per day; multiply this times 6.9 billion
  • About 14 billion pounds of trash is dumped in the ocean annually; consider the future water supply
  • Several US states are already experiencing water shortages and now tap into Canada's water supplies
Week Two: After the recent Gulf oil spill, we're all well aware that drilling for oil can be a dirty and potentially hazardous venture. But do we know what some of that oil is used for? Obviously, transportation accounts for about 70% of all oil used. It takes one 42 gallon barrel of refined crude oil to produce only 19.5 gallons of fuel. From the computer keyboard I'm typing on now, to my vertical blinds, plastic food containers, my grand-children's baby bottles, and even some of my picture frames...all of these are made of plastic, and plastic is produced from oil. Here are a couple of great resources indicating numerous products we use daily, from cosmetics to building materials, which are made from oil.

Here's an Excellent Article Titled: Plastic is made from oil: You knew that, right?
144 Products out of 6000 Made from Petroleum

Here's your challenge for Week Two: See if you and your family can list at least 10 different things in your household (or within its construction) that do NOT have parts, sealants, or any other materials in them made from oil. (Please do not list 5 silver forks and 5 silver knives as equaling 10 items. Something like this would count only as one item). Refer to the two links above to double-check your answers, and then submit them in a post of your own.

Please keep in mind that your comments matter. Additional insight and links are always welcome! My goal with the Earth Day ~ Every Day Campaign: 13 Weeks of Earth-Wise Exploration is not to torture my readers (all 5 of them, LOL) but to provide education and awareness, and to promote responsibility for the benefit of the Earth and all of her inhabitants for generations to come.
Inspired by her Native American roots and Bradbury lineage, Polly Taskey is a writer and grandmother in the northern USA.  She shares her wisdom and pagan interests through Pagan by Design and The Moonlit Grove.


rox said...

Hi Polly , sorry I'm late . I will re-read and post later today or tomorrow .
This hits home so much here in Canada with the whole tar sands and pipeline issues going on right now .
one item I vowed not to buy are candles made from petroleum based ingredients . I was horrified to find the promotion so much within the pagan community the use of these candles in candle magic , ritual , ceremony etc. if colour is used to represent it should be done so in using natural pigments I beleive , we have it here in the aboriginal community too not just the witchy one , the use of coloured cloth left in the bush etc. often the cloth has been coloured using chemical bsed dyes .
 to me the candles cloth etc. is not a natural way of representation it is far removed from earth worshipping if we use toxic materials to do so .
Lol I'll no doubt have to just re-write this into my earth post later on ;-)

Polly said...

No need to apologize - as I've said before - "it's never too late" ;). I know there are a LOT of things on the list of 144 that I regularly use. Part of my personal goal will be to learn how to replace these things (as many as possible) with Earth-friendly substitutes.

rox said...

Hi Polly sorry so late

Polly said...

Rox, EXCELLENT post! I have to say that I never realized just how dependent we really are on oil! It is overwhelming...even if something isn't "made of" oil, it can be often be found in the packaging, transporting of the item from one location to another and so on.

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