February 7, 2017

Full Moon of March ~ The Storm Moon

The month of March is named after Mars, God of War. Anglo-Saxons called it Hraed-monat (rugged month), or Hlyd-monat (stormy month). A stormy March was an omen of poor crops, while a dry March indicated a rich harvest. Some books refer to February as the "Storm Month", however, I find this inaccurate. Where I live, March often IS stormy, and as the old wives tale goes, “in like a lion, out like a lamb”. Many call March the month of the Hare Moon.

Ritual Verses for the Full Moon of March:
by Polly Taskey
You may wish to incorporate the following verses into the 9 Basic Ritual Steps when conducting Full Moon Rituals. You may also choose to include a Charge of the Goddess.

"Goddess of the stormy night, I honor You in my Full Moon rite
as I stand between the worlds to share, communion with The Lady Fair.
From around the globe Your children call, miles apart yet One with All.
Hear my words in the echoing sound, as I welcome You in my circle round.

I call to You North with Your grounding ways, lend earthly strength to my pagan ways;
I call to You East with Your airy breath, transform the stale to new and fresh;
I call to You South with Your energy, may your fiery rays burn steadily;
I call to You West with Your fluid motion, guide psychic abilities and emotions.

March brings storms of violent wonder, bolts of lightning, blasts of thunder.
The Earth shakes free from winter's hold; renewed life shoves past dull and old.
Heavy rains cleanse waking ground; gusts of spring air swirl around;
From dead and barren comes life anew, while we cast away our winter “blues”.

Blessed be God, and Goddess recovered; Neither complete without the Other.
While patience is what saw me through long winter days of grayish hue,
The Sun's warm rays enliven me, giving endurance to succeed,
bring energy and strength and will, to make all of my goals fulfilled.

(Requests, Spells, Thanks, Cakes and Ale)

I release the quarters one by one, now that my ritual is done;
Farewell to North, East, South, and West; thank You for honoring my request.
Goddess of soothing silvery light, thank You for attending on this night.
My circle is open, never broken; magic wishes fulfilled, the words have been spoken."
Inspired by her Native American roots and Bradbury lineage, Polly Taskey is a writer and grandmother in the northern USA.  She shares her wisdom and pagan interests through Pagan by Design and The Moonlit Grove.


Amethystlilypads said...

I think you should write that book.  I would buy it. 

Polly said...

Hugs to you Ms. Lilypads, you certainly made me smile :) Thank you!

Beatrizalbano said...

That's beautiful!

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