December 21, 2010

Yule Songs and Poems

Poems for Yule:

Blessings of the Great Spirit

Grant, O Spirit, Thy Protection
and in Protection, Strength
and in Strength, Understanding
and in Understanding, Knowledge
and in Knowledge, Truth
and in Truth, Love
and in Love, the Love of all existence
and in that Love, Love of Spirit and All Creation
O voice of the Great Spirit we hear you...
in the sound of the birds singing at dawn.
In the rippling of the waters of the sacred stream.
In the breath of the trees sharing wisdom.
In the beauty of the opening flower.
In our conscience as we care for the Earth.
In our souls as we live in peace.

Yuletide Songs with Lyrics:


Anonymous said...

Merry meet !!! have shared some Poems of your with the refer back link above included...blessings to you for the Yule love and light Susan~

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