December 21, 2010

Over 20 Pagan Crafts for Yule

There's nothing more rewarding than handcrafting gifts for Yule (or anytime of the year). With every stroke of the paintbrush, stitch in the fabric, or addition to the recipe, you're putting a bit of yourself - your care, compassion, energy, and love - into a treasured item that no factory on Earth can reproduce. When you're able to include children in the process, the door is open for sharing meaningful conversations, making lifelong memories, and building traditions. I've searched high and low to bring you over 20 of the most inspiring ideas for Pagan crafts all in one place! May you and yours have a Blessed Yule.

Make a Small Gift Box from Recycled Greeting Cards: It's a shame to just throw away the beautiful artwork and designs on greeting cards we've received throughout the year. Each of these cards can be recycled into a gorgeous box to use for gift-giving or storing a set of Runes, sweet treats, or Tarot Cards.

Make Greeting Cards from Recycled Gift Wrap: Help save the Earth's resources. It is estimated that as much as half of the 85 million tons of just paper products wasted each year in America comes from packaging, wrapping, and decorating consumable goods. Wrapping paper and shopping bags alone account for 4 million tons of trash annually in the U.S. In addition to greeting cards, gift wrap can be recycled in any number of ways - from re-using it on gifts you'll be giving later, to scrapbooking, and decoupage on nearly any item. An interesting note about recycling and gift wrap: According to, if every family in the United States wrapped just three presents in reused materials, it would save enough paper to cover 45,000 football fields!

Make a Tarot Box (by Patti Witington): You can purchase an unfinished box at nearly any retail store and some dollar stores, and use a woodburner to copy an appropriate Tarot card design onto the top. Alternatively, you can decoupage an actual card onto the top and give the box as a gift - complete with a new Tarot deck inside, handmade Runes, or other Craft tools.

Make a Set of Runes: Runes can be made from wood (you can either use a woodburner to inscribe each or paint the symbols onto wood pieces of about the same size and similar shape), flat stones collected or bought from a craft store, or make them of clay or other hardening material.

Give a Portable Altar Kit: A great idea for those who travel.

Create a Pagan Calendar: Whether you're looking for a gift to give your Coven members, family, or spiritual friends, calendars make an easy and affordable gift idea. You can add unique graphics or photos for each month, include member birthdays, moon phases, Sabbats and Esbats, Coven events, and much more. There are several pagan and witchcraft images as well as many more options online for creating free printable calendars. Your calendars can be printed on heavier paper and taken to an office supply store to be bound for a fee.

Make a Spell Kit in a Box or Other Container: Prosperity spells are a favorite for gift-giving. Show loved ones their success and happiness matters to you by placing your positive energies into the items necessary for conducting the spell of choice. Perhaps you'll want to carve symbols upon the candles included, or handwrite the spell upon "aged paper".

How to Make Paper Look Old (Aged Paper): A great gift idea for any Witch or Pagan, whether novice or experienced. Perhaps you'll choose to give 13 "aged" blank pages along with a Calligraphy pen and small instruction manual for your friend to use in their secret Book of Shadows, or inscribe a personal and meaningful message, poem, or blessing on one of the sheets. See 28 Free Lessons in English Handwriting 1500-1700.

9 Handmade Yule Tree Decorations: From Cinnamon Stick Pentagrams and Yule Sachets, and from Bay Balls to fragrant Cinnamon Ornaments, these are simple and attractive crafts to create with the kids!

Salt Dough Ornaments: Another favorite for adults and children alike, Salt Dough Ornaments are simple and inexpensive. Make some for your own Yule tree or put together a half dozen or so uniquely decorated designs for gift-giving.

Make a Pagan Coloring Book for Witchlings: Finding black and white Pagan or Yule graphics on the Internet is simple and quick. Additionally, there are several Pagan websites which offer free, printable coloring pages. Put together a booklet of favorites and give to the youngsters along with an inexpensive box of crayons.

Make Yule Incense: Here is just one recipe for Yule incense. Many more can be easily found with a simple search. Package your gifts of incense (or oils, herbs, etc) in small decorative glass containers. Find a variety of pretty containers at your local dollar store and label with a piece of Aged Paper (see above) complete with the contents written in Calligraphy or Old English script. The link to this incense recipe includes 60 more craft and gift ideas!

Create a Starter Herb Garden: Herbs have been used medicinally and magically for centuries. Put together a simple starter herb garden complete with a list (or link to) herb identification and magical correspondences. Old baskets and other rustic containers work great for this project.

Sew an Elemental Altar Cloth (by Patti Witington): If you're skilled in fabric crafts, perhaps you could sew a few Altar Cloths for members of your Coven and even include your group's insignia or other pagan applique and cross-stitch patterns.
Inspired by her Native American roots and Bradbury lineage, Polly Taskey is a writer and grandmother in the northern USA.  She shares her wisdom and pagan interests through Pagan by Design and The Moonlit Grove.


moonmark said...

I really love the idea of making a coloring book for witchlings. Some herbs for friends to start a garden. This year i purchased a rosemary bush as a christmas tree and decorated it. I also had pick up some objects off the ground( discard as trash ) those objects sit under my tree. Wait till you see them. I am planning some ideas for future paggies. Things to be past down.

Polly Taskey said...

I LOVE Rosemary! and Lavender too...I am anxious to see what you've done with "recycled" stuff off the ground. :)

Moonmark said...

One of the coolest pieces i found was a pecan nut with husk still on it. It has a hole all the way to the center. Its completely hollowed. The other item is some plastic fall leaves. I found those on my way walking to the store in a empty feild. The other item was a piece of plam tree bark that is shredded at the ends. Then what is called a soft pinecone. I have not ever seen one of these in michigan, but what i understand when it breaks open there are red seeds inside the birds eat. I tell you i find some really cool things walking around. I can't wait to get my phone cam hooked up.

moonmark said...

Tonight as I was walking home i thought of how the wonderful women of old days would work next to a fireplace or a candle making those holiday gifts. I myself decided to make a few of my own for one of my friends. A few choice ribbons rubbed with special oils and knots. These are for there own use in spells of there choice. I also pick a gift on the hour of women. A gift from a woman to another woman. It was a very symbolic picking. Just a few other ideas as this is the season of giving. Why not make a good spell or positive energy in his/her favor.

therma cuts said...

I am sure that i will come back here. Well written articles !

Valium said...

WONDERFUL Post.thanks for share..more wait .. …

Morwenna UK said...

Many years ago in the 1990's I was shown how to make the wonderful little Christmas card boxes at a Girl Guide conference. Time has erased the 'how to' from my memory. So good to find it again. Many Bright Blessings Morwenna

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