December 1, 2010

22 Powerful Tools to Transform Your Fear...

22 Powerful Tools to Transform your Fear into Happiness, Peace, and Inspiration is now available FREE for instant download. Pagan by Design is pleased to share this resource full of top tips to help you dramatically improve your life!
  • Learn how to produce inner calm, confidence, and centering
  • Learn how to explore and remove inner blockages
  • Discover how to release charged emotions through grounding
  • Learn how to transcend disabling and overwhelming fear
  • Discover the top three tips for connecting with pure, positive energy...and much more
For the past 5-10 years, hard evidence has revealed there may be an "Intelligence Field" which exists "outside" of the living physical organism and affects humans as a species, or "whole". Prominent American brain surgeon, Karl Pribram; British scientist Jacob Boehm; British physicist Rupert Sheldrake, and others have introduced some astounding theories and experiments. Their findings are probably the key component solidifying the studies of Jim Francis and his team with regard to his research into advanced mind power, and harnessing this power for creating positive change.

Download your free copy of 22 Powerful Tools To Transform Your Fear into Happiness, Peace, and Inspiration and try it for yourself, today.

Inspired by her Native American roots and Bradbury lineage, Polly Taskey is a writer and grandmother in the northern USA.  She shares her wisdom and pagan interests through Pagan by Design and The Moonlit Grove.


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