May 15, 2010

Mystery of Magic Revealed

Mystery of Magic Revealed
by Pagan by Design Author, Polly Taskey

True Witchcraft will not be honed
just by reading books or casting stones.
All are born with the same spark inside,
an' true Witches nurture this Inner Guide.

Practice frequent meditation;
in mundane life pay close attention;
close your eyes and silence thoughts;
feel the Energies from 'round about.

Behold the wonders easily found -
worlds within worlds all around.
There's no secret grimoire, chant, or spell -
trust your instincts and listen well.

Common sense and intuition
allows us to know fact from fiction.
Cast off all force-fed fantasies
most are conditioned to believe.

Listen to your heart and soul;
You'll find how "new" religions stole,
renamed, altered, and betrayed,
original truth-filled Ancient Ways!

The Craft remains our steady path
despite closed-minded, hateful wrath.
We mourn to view our brainwashed nations
ignorant to their faiths' foundations.

While others conjure war through greed,
and defile their Gods to serve their needs,
Pagans, Witches, and those alike
strive for harmony by day and night!

We know that every Other thing
is OF us as we're OF Them.
If one's goal is serenity
WHY divide oneself from Unity?

From rocks, and woods, and streams, and sky;
from those that crawl, run, swim, or fly -
a Witch is kin to all - the Same,
balancing on every Plane.

We ARE the earth, wind, moon, and sun;
and They're of us - synchronized as One!
Reality dispels all mystery or doubt:
if it's not found WITHIN, it won't be found WITHOUT!

Inspired by her Native American roots and Bradbury lineage, Polly Taskey is a writer and grandmother in the northern USA.  She shares her wisdom and pagan interests through Pagan by Design and The Moonlit Grove.


slpmartin said...

A very informative verse...thanks for sharing it.

Thecatsman said...

A wonderful heartfelt collection of word wrought through with ture emotion with all of ti's powerful phrases wrapped up in the very last line.Loved it......

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