May 11, 2010

Daily Influences

Sunday:  Planet, Sun; Deity, Mithra; Colors associated with Sunday are gold, white, yellow, and orange. Sunday's strength comes from the Sun God, later coined "Son of God" by Christians. Sunday lends assistance in works geared toward Individuality, Hope, Healing, Spirituality, Money, Career, Success, and Business Ventures.

Monday:  Planet, Moon; Deity, Diana; Colors for Monday are silver, white, and gray. Ruled by the Moon, this day lends itself to works involving Dreams, Emotions, Family, Home, Medicine, Gardening, and Clairvoyance.

Tuesday:  Planet, Mars; Deity, Tiw; Ruled by Mars, the associated colors for Tuesday are naturally red and orange. This is a good day to deal with projects involving Strength, Endurance, Self-Improvement, Hunting, War, Contests, and Competition.

Wednesday:  Planet, Mercury; Deity, Mercury; Opal, iridescent, violet, and gray are associated with this day of Divination, Communication, Teaching, and Writing, along with Fear or Loss.

Thursday:  Planet, Jupiter; Deity, Jove-Thor; Colors associated with Thursday are blue, indigo, and purple. This day can lend strength in matters involving Health, Honor, Luck, Riches, Legal Matters, Money and Desires.

Friday:  Planet, Venus; Deity, Venus-Freya; Aqua, green and pink, along with Venus' influence will lend a hand in matters involving Love, Friendship, Art, Music, Social Activities, Comfort and Pleasure.

Saturday:  Planet, Saturn; Deity, Saturn; Powerful and protective colors of black, dark gray, and indigo, along with the strength of Saturn allows greater success in works involving Self-Discipline, Protection, Freedom, Karmic Lessons, Wisdom, the Elderly, Death, and Reincarnation.


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