May 1, 2014

Tarot Magic and More!

Explore and experiment with nothing more than a deck of Tarot cards for creating Spells, Sigils and Magical Squares (Kameas)!  Marcus Katz offers an exclusive 90-minute video course through Magicka School.  The course is FREE to Lifetime Members of Magicka School.  Look for the Video Course titled,  

Tarot Magick: Explore & Create Tarot Spells


Especially for Tarot enthusiasts: Please be sure to read to the end for an important announcement that I was JUST made aware of as I was typing this post!

At Magicka, there are courses available to the general public for little or no fee, but I've personally been a Lifetime Member of Magicka School for several years, and I would highly recommend purchasing a Lifetime Membership while it is still offered.  The professional quality and depth of courses offered never ceases to amaze me, however, if you're still "unsure", try one of the FREE Introductory Courses for Non-Members!  These aren't your "run-of-the-mill" lessons.  Courses offer the guidance of mentors, an interactive private forum, and certificates upon completion.

Along with a free lifetime subscription to the quarterly magazine called, The Portal, lifetime members are able to enter competitions for prize packages, and also may download 79 issues of The Magickal Light. Additional courses and resources are freshly added on a frequent basis.

Some of the other courses offered at Magicka School include...

Psychic Shielding with Margaret Setti
Visualization, Pathworking and Dreamwork by Marcus Katz
Introduction to the Magician's Kabbalah written by Marcus Katz
Spell-Crafting...and MUCH more!

I've studied under friend and mentor, Marcus Katz, since 2009, and hold a Diploma for successful completion of the first course offered in Tarot Reading and Interpretation for "Around the Tarot in 78 Days", among other various certificates and experiences pertaining to professional divination and occult studies.  I'd like to take a moment to further recommend a few more of the superb resources offered by Marcus Katz, and, in several cases, Tali Goodwin as co-Author.

But first, here is the BONUS that I was JUST made aware of as I was finishing this post - so I'll pass it along to you here.  If you're a Tarot enthusiast, there is a SPECIAL BELTANE MEMBERSHIP OFFER to join the Tarosophy Tarot Organization from now until May 4th, 2014! 


The first five new members joining today or tomorrow will be awarded one of the last five INBETWEEN TAROT DECKS


Additionally, FIVE members picked from anyone joining between now and Sunday May 4, 2014, will each receive an author copy of "SECRETS OF THE WAITE-SMITH TAROT" (pub. April 2015) as soon as it is available!

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